Friday, February 13, 2009

Bed head, berets, and webkinz

This was the conversation in Kylie's bedroom first thing this morning:

Kylie: Momma sleeping?
Me: Yes.
Kylie: Wake her up!
Me: (chuckling) Later.
Kylie: (sighs deeply) In a minute. (which makes me realize how much I use that phrase)
Me: Love you babe.
Kylie: Yes!

Girlfriend had some serious bed head this morning.

Rather than have me brush it, Kylie agreed to wear this beret I knit for her.

I'm tickled that I finished it and that it fits. It has quite a bit of seed stitch which has been the bane of my knitting existence. I totally mess it up all the time. And this hat has some seed stitch mistakes but none worth ripping back for. If I had it to do over again, I would have knitted it a bit longer (the pattern calls for decreases to begin at 4.5 - 6 inches. I started at 5" and now I wish I had knit to 6"). It would have made it more pouffy and slouchy.

For my knitting friends, the pattern is "slouchy springtime beret" by Catherine Herzog and can be found for free on Ravelry. The yarn is Louisa Harding Grace hand-dyed.

Karen was stuck in the Denver airport yesterday and while missing her sweet daughter happened upon a display with the Webkinz Love frog and monkey. So she bought them for her. These are the first Webkinz we've bought. And I have to say I'm curious to log in and "discover their virtual world". Of course this won't mean anything to Kylie right now. She only knows that it's "New Toys!" and from her Momma.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


Kate said...

Great hat!

We are an hour from Denver. Hipe she wasn't stuck here for long.

Happy Valentine's Day.

The Maven said...

I have grown friends who are terribly addicted to Webkinz. My gremlins like it in a non-junkie way and we've amassed a half-decent collection of the stuffies. Enjoy!

The hat is gorgeous. Really, I wish I was talented like that. I just started painting and I've contemplated knitting as a way to keep my hands busy while I watch tv (read: so I don't eat). I don't think a beret is something I could feasibly knit during Grey's Anatomy though, is it? *sigh*

Lynanne said...

Sounds like Kylie has a flair for the dramatic. :)

The curly bedhead is great! My poor kids (like their mom) are stuck with paintbrush straight hair.

The hat is gorgeous! That yarn was begging to be made into that hat - it's perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,

The hat is beautiful - I wish I could knit! I was wondering if there was some way i could send you a photo? It is of my God Daughter who has just turned 2 and I took it this afternoon, and it reminded me exactly of Kylie and a post from the other day. Feel free to e-mail me at
ledgard88 dot hotmail dot com
I would love to shae this with you.
However, I understand if you do not feel comfortable with this.


ae1501 said...

I love your photos. Girlfriend's hair is a hoot! As far as the "in a minute" comment, funny how we hear ourselves (and sometimes our own mothers) through the mouths of our children!