Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The color green and more

I've been drawn to the color green. So much so that I'm taking pictures of Kylie eating peas

and pears.

and making scrapbook pages like this. 21 months

I guess I'm just longing for Spring.

A few more pictures. Yesterday while Kylie was napping, I made this.

Just so I could watch her do this.

and this.

It was fun though. She played with the blocks for 30 minutes.

Oh, and I have a new camera lens. I got a great deal on a 50mm 1.8 for my Nikon. I'm still learning about it but on the first day I had her I shot this--this is straight out of the camera--shot in very low light without a flash.

I notice that that the whites are whiter, Kylie's skintone isn't as ruddy, the overall image is sharper and I'm "getting more" without the flash.

Here's a picture of my baby. She really wants out.

Yep, she really, REALLY wanted out. I'm the mean old mommy who won't let her go out at 7:30am in her pajamas.

How sick is it that I cheerfully take pictures of my daughter crying. On a scale of 1-10? Come on. You know you do it too.


Anabelle said...

I have a video of my daughter sobbing her eyes out with her head laying on the table because I wouldn't let her eat Ketchup for dinner... yup we all do it lol

Soupy said...

LMAO - because although Keifer was home sick yesterday, she was sobbing for 30 min because I wouldn't put her shoes on and take her to the car and out somewhere- then she tried to say she wanted to go SWIMMING (where she got that?) - so it must be the age! They are realizing they have some control and what they WANT is sometimes out of their reach.........

love the pics
love the blocks! :)

skichik79 said...

yeah we all do it for sure ... great pictures once again !

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh... i wanted to take a pic of my little one throwing a TANTRUM the other day... "NOOOOO" as she stomped off! i say why not... they are moments in their life.... one day they will love them! :)

and all the fun green shots... love them!

i have that lens... only canon... you're so right... it DOES make a huge difference at night or low light... i love it for around the house!

loved that you set up those blocks for her... the fun for her to knock them down... so neat!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

and that top pic... love the look... color tone! LOVE it!!!!!!

Kerry Lynn said...

Oh, you are going to love your lens! I would use it 100% if I didn't need to zoom out every once in a while.
One mistake I made was trying to take pictures of people at 1.8 so I could get the most fuzzy background as possible, but if the person isn't looking straight at the camera then one of their eyes will be in focus and the other out. For people I generally don't use anything lower than 2.8 and for more than one person 3.5. I save the 1.8 for object photography.

Today my mom and I took the kids out in her yard to go sledding. I was snapping away when Jackson did a face plant into the snow. He wasn't horribly upset but I really should have gone to wipe the snow away rather than taking pictures and giggling.

Meg said...

Your new lens is great! I have a similar canon version... and love it. I also learned how to manually set my white balance and I have noticed a hug difference indoors.

By the way, someone suggested that I put cheerios in yogurt to make it easier for self-feeding, and Thaya is CRAZY about it. Thought I'd share :)

And, by the way, I totally do it to. And I say, "oooh yea, that's a good one" while I'm doing it! rofl

Lynanne said...

I don't think it's sick at all. I love that you capture such a wide range of Kylies emotions. Though, if you pull out a camera when she has one of her teenage might want to watch out :)

The blocks a great! Now I know what I should be doing during naptime instead of picking the toys up. Heh!