Sunday, February 14, 2010

iPhone Games and Scrapbook Pages

When Kylie is ready to take a break from running around the house and playing hard, she'll often say, "Can I play a game on your phone?" It's music to my ears. Kylie will snuggle up next to me as we take five or ten minutes and play a quick game. She's entertained (and still and quiet, hurray!) and I get to cuddle with her.

When Momma Karen gets home, Kylie will ask to lie in our bed and play a game on Momma's phone.

So we've got quite a collection of iPhone Games! I've got some on my phone and Karen has a set on hers. Here is the list of them.

New Favorites:
Cookie Doodle
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
Toddler Teasers Whatchamacallit
Memory Pro
Giraffe's Matching Zoo
Peekaboo Wild
Make Me a Princess

Old Favorites:
Preschool Adventure
Toddler Teasers Quizzing
Peekaboo Barn
Wheels on the Bus
Old Mac
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Softick Coloring Book Elementary
Coloring Book Creatures
Bee Book
Bubble Wrap


I've been on a roll with my scrapbook pages. Here are a bunch! You can click on the picture to get the page details.



Greatest Love.jpg





Teaberry said...

It amazes me to think of how technologically advanced our kids will be. Eventually, I suspect Lucas will roll his eyes at me when I misunderstand how to operate some electronic doodad-- just like I used to when my folks had trouble with the VCR! :)

Mickey Blumental said...

I'm glad to see my little one isn't the only one who borrows my iPhone. If only he'll stop sucking on it, causing all sort of error messages. I don't know how it's still working!

His favourite apps are "I Hear Ewe" where you click on cartoon animals to hear the sound they make and "Look Baby!" where he can play with virtual bubbles, butterfly, teddy and shapes.

I can't possibly imagine what it's like growing up and accepting touch screens as a perfectly normal thing. It's still sci-fi to me!