Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Behind the glass

Kylie started her new session of swim classes. Kylie has been taking swim classes for a year now and I've always been in the pool with her-- holding her as she goes under and on her back floats and for all of the fun water games.

Now that she's (almost) three, she's in the pool with just her teacher and two other kids. Our swim school has a very large glass viewing area. I can sit behind the glass and watch the kiddo swim (and take pictures with my iPhone).



I'm thrilled that she's in the next level and tickled that I don't have to get into a bathing suit once a week. But I'll miss the 90 degree water and most of all, I'll miss holding her as she clings to me. It is a bittersweet step. I imagine I'll take her to our other nearby (and colder) lap pool just so that she and I can play in the water together.



Mary said...

I understand that it must be hard when other people takes over you job, but at least you get to look through the glass.
She is a beautiful little girl.
I love reading your posts, best regards from Mary

Kate said...

What a big girl- it is hard to let go.