Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hanging around


A new development is Kylie's joy at hanging her body. She hangs from playground metal bars, from the swings and from handicap bars in bathrooms. I've had to discourage her from trying to hang from our bathroom towel bars and I'm afraid I'm going to hear a big crash from them any day now. She's really strengthening her upper body and lengthening her torso with all this hanging around.

These days we hear the phrase "What happens when..." all the time. If I say "Kylie don't do this or that" I know I'm going to hear her ask, "What happens when I do it?" It's her version of asking why. "What happens when I hang on the towel bars? What happens when I pull my shirt off at the store? What happens when I try to jump off the stairs?" and so forth.

The kiddo is getting fast when she runs. Since she could walk, I've made her hold my hand as we get out of the car and walk somewhere. She pulls at my hand wanting out of my grip. I live in fear that she's going to run into parking lot traffic so my grip is pretty dang strong. At the playground, she's been practicing "freezing" when I say "freeze" which eases my mind. And still, when I see her running full out to chase a butterfly across the field I've been impressed with how fast she's getting.

She loves it when I spin her on this tire swing. I'll spin her really fast and she hangs on tight and laughs and laughs.

There's more I want to write but she's awake and needing me. So I'll leave you with a iPhone picture of one of her funny faces. She struck this funny face pose after telling me the joke, "Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide!"

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Miss Liz said...

Your little girl is so cute! My little one is 2 and just recently started hanging on anything that is stable enough. I love that she is strengthening her arms but goodness is it scary when she tries to hang on less than stable things!