Friday, April 09, 2010

Honey Bee Tree

We bought our honey bee tree toy about a month ago. We play it a bit differently from the package instructions.

First we make a good home for the bees by putting leaves into the tree.

Inevitably, the leaves become magic wands and Kylie and I take turns casting spells. "I command you to sleep!" "I command you to laugh!" "I command you to dance!" And so forth.

But then the majority of the leaves make it into the tree and it is time to add the bees.

Kylie tries the chopstick method but is soon back to dumping bees into the tree with her hands.

And then we quickly pull out the leaves so the bees come tumbling down.

Our honey bee tree--a happy little toy.

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For the Long Haul said...

I was reading your blog and this post came up. My son walked in and remembered this game from his speech therapy and wouldn't stop talking about it since he saw it on "the 'puter" so we went out and bought it for him that afternoon.

Well he LOVES it. Like Kylie he also uses the leaves although for him they become swords. Then he cons me into putting them all into the tree for him and dumps in the bees only to pull them out as fast as possible and look at me to do all the leaves again. He loves it. Thanks for reminding him how much.