Sunday, April 25, 2010


If I had to use one word to sum up this weekend, it would be bubbles. Kiddo is CRAZY for them. I picked up a couple of bottles of bubble juice and this mega pack of different sized wands at Target. Best money I've spent all month. Kylie will spend over an hour at a time using the different wands to blow bubbles. She marches through them, tries to duck under them, out run them and make as many bubbles as she possibly can. I've had to drag her away from the outdoors and the first thing she's asked for in the morning and after her nap is bubbles.


Kylie honey, you don't have to blow on the bubble wand quite so hard. (Love the fist action here and the sheer intensity!)

A little more relaxed.





Teaberry said...

What awesome pictures!

Merry said...

Oh my gosh, that second picture is just fabulous in so many ways! The colors are so pretty, and Kylie with the bubbles make such a great subject, but I just LOVE how intensely determined she is to get those bubbles out of that darn pipe!! ♥

Kerry Lynn said...

I have to get some bubble paraphanelia. They love them too.
We obviously like to shop at children's place. Maddie has the blue polkadot shirt and the crazy butterfly shirt but her pattern is all purple.