Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Thanks to all of my commenters. (You know I love comments!) And a special thanks to planetx for her recent question about Karen's health.

I am so happy to announce that Karen and I are BOTH 40 POUNDS lighter. That's 18 kilograms. That's a bunch of weight. There haven't been any more heart scares with Karen (thank heavens). And we are both still working to get lighter and healthier.

I'm very tickled that I hit my 40 pounds lost goal before Kylie's birthday on Saturday.


Kate said...

Great job- my hats off to both of you. How is it possible that this little Princess is going to be 2?!

Bethany said...

Our little ones are just a couple weeks apart. Ol' Max turns 3 on the 27th. We're having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party at the park. Simple cookout with close friends and family, and lots of playing! Hoping it doesn't rain.

Alayna said...

Wow! I, too, had been wondering about Karen's health and hoping that heart stuff had stabilized. Congrats on the amazing weight loss! You guys should be really proud of yourselves!

kiles1670 said...

that is fantastic news. I have been reading your blog since Kylie was only a baby. You all inspire me :0) Thank you and well done on the weight loss.

Nada in Australia said...

That's great news Wendy- Congratulations to you both- you will have to share your secrets!

Kylie is just beautiful -as always.