Monday, May 31, 2010

Around her room

Welcome to Kylie's room! The paint is a soft-white and the carpet is a lovely light beige but with all the pink bouncing around in the room, the photos all look slightly pink.


As you enter her room, you immediately see her full-sized bed. (She's doing great sleeping in it; no troubles at all about moving up from the toddler bed.) I put some little steps at the bottom of the bed to help her climb up. She uses the steps as a jewelry box and mailbox. Underneath the bed are two suitcases that belonged to my Nanny J. They hold Kylie's Barbies and her Little Ponies. You can also see her princess lamp and her tea set sitting on her nightstand.

There was an 80's style ceiling fan as her light fixture. It wobbled and creaked and was fairly scary and ugly. We took it down and replaced it with a simple hanging bulb set that we got at Home Depot. Around the hanging bulb we suspended an over-sized white Japanese lantern we got at Pier One. I loved the look of the lanterns and filled the ceiling with them!

At the foot of the bed is Kylie's foldable princess tent. Behind the tent (not shown in picture) is a padded bench with a flip-top lid that holds some of her stuffed animals. The curtains are ones from her nursery. The curtain rod was a real find a Target for just $10.

As your eye moves around the room, you'll see her closet (with bi-fold doors) that holds three bookcases of books, her clothes, and other sundries.

Then we have her lamp (from her nursery) and her dresser. On her dresser is her bank, her white-noise sound machine and night-light and an inflatable globe. This is the art above her dresser.

The large picture is one I took from her recent 3rd birthday. On either side, I have framed small fragments of her baby onesies in Ikea Ribba pre-matted frames. I cut the pictures out of some of my favorite onesies that she wore as a newborn and infant. They've been sitting in a box waiting to be put into a scrapbook. I'm so tickled with how they came out as framed pieces of art/history.

As we move back to the door, we have Kylie's pink and white spotted anywhere chair. And above the chair, I have this framed piece of art.
This is a one-of-a-kind art piece created by Native American elder, teacher, author, artist and family friend Joseph Rael. Joseph gifted Kylie with her Native American Spirit name of U-cha-waa Spring Blossoms which translates into "Blossoms sing summer into be-ing". My mom commissioned the painting from Joseph and I'm pleased it has a place of honor in Kylie's room.

I plan to add a few other art pieces to Kylie's room. I have to say I just love the 3M picture hanging strips. It gives me a free feeling to know that I can pull a picture down and rearrange them and not have to deal with nail holes.

So that's Kylie's room! More of the house is to come.

For now I'll leave you with today's beach pictures!

Hair in a ponytail...I love it!



Unknown said...

I love her room! And her hair is adorable pulled back in a pony!

Beth said...

Room is beautiful! Great idea for the onesies/frames. You are so creative! =)

Mallory said...

What a beautiful room! I am a recent reader of your blog as I was looking for "2 moms" stuff online and found your blog. Too funny because our favorite girl's name is Kylie! Do you have any good books that you can recommend about pregnancy, specifically related to lesbians? I have read the one by Rachel Pepper but didn't know if there were more that you knew of. Thanks!

Kerry Lynn said...

gorgeous room! she looks so pretty with her hair pulled back!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been around in a little while but peeked in to see how Kylie is doing and I can't believe how much she has grown!

Her room is beautiful! You really have a good eye for design. :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot to mention... WELCOME TO FLORIDA!

You're going to love it here. A few things to know about the sunshine state -
1. In the summer it will rain every evening around the same time. This rainfall will only last about 30 minutes and will come down so hard that you may think a tornado is near. Have no fear, it will soon pass.
2. Only in Florida is it possible to have clear blue skies in your back yard but rain in your front yard.
3. Now that you are a floridian, be sure to take advantage of the florida citizen discounts offered at all the florida theme parks. It will save you a lot of money! Sea World always has the offer to buy one day and come back all year for free. It's called a fun pass. :)
4. Hurricane season is approaching, since you live close to the beach be sure to stock up on hurricane supplies like batteries, flashlights, weather radio and if a hurricane approaches, make sure to grab a few sandbags.
5. Lizards are everywhere but will usually run away from you quickly. Holly is terrified of these things even though they don't have teeth.
6. It's lovebug season right now and your car will get covered in them (if it hasn't already). I don't know if this is a Florida thing but figured I should warn you about them now. :)

That said - I think you're really going to like it here and living so close to the beach is awesome!

Missi said...

OMG!!!!! it is wonderful!! I just love it. I would love to be Kylie by a second and feel so cozy at my room. I love all details.I would have a girl I would get inspired on K´s room, but i have two lovely boys !!!!!

kiles1670 said...

Kylies room is beautiful :0) You all seem so happy, has karen started her new job yet? Tell her even though I dont know you guys, that I wish her all the best in her new job.
If you ever decide to visit Australia you are more than welcome at our house.
You are an amazing and inspiring family

Caroline said...

I LOVE her room and I really love how you framed a couple of her onesies. Kylie is a very lucky girl.

Teaberry said...

What a wonderful bedroom! I love the paper lanterns!

Maya said...

What a gorgeous room!
One question: Will you be my mom?