Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Florida room

Welcome to our Florida room (also known out here as the patio room, solarium, or lanai).

Our Florida room has two entrances, one near the fireplace in the living room and one near the entrance to the master bedroom. This is the one near the fireplace and on this end we have two simple chairs, a settee, and two toy chests.

Kylie and I feel compelled to come out here first thing in the morning. I enjoy my morning coffee as Kylie finishes waking up.

Oh, you don't want your picture taken at 7:00 in the morning? Sorry about that.

This room is about ten degrees warmer than the rest of the house. I don't know if it is the warmth, the view, or what but the cats love this room. At least they do until they are rudely disturbed by toddler.

This side is great for playing with toys tucked into baskets...

or for having a cuddle with your baby dolls.

This is the other side of the Florida room. It gets all the action. Kylie's favorite toys are in the baskets on the tv table. Her shopping cart, easel, desk and anywhere chair get used throughout the day.

You can see a sink on the far right-hand side of the room. Not sure what the previous owners were thinking when they put a sink in (craft room? a place to wash up from gardening? who knows) but at some point we will have it removed.

This side gets lots of bouncy, run-around-the room play.

And some chill-out-while-I-have-a-snack play.

Here's a bookcase filled with Kylie's art supplies.

And we go out the Florida room to get to the hot tub.

And that's our cozy Florida room!


CJ said...

I wouldn't mind spending hours a day in a room like that! Beautiful! Enjoy it! I miss the south!!

Missi said...

it seems very cozy. my kids would love to play there. and I wonder, what am I doing far from beach?

Teaberry said...

HOT TUB?! That does it... when can we visit?? ;-)

Kerry Lynn said...

Wow! That room is awesome!
What's beyond your fence in the back yard?

Wendy and Karen said...

Hey Kerry,

Beyond the fence is a golf course. We get a golf ball a day in our backyard. I just pray one doesn't come flying at any one of us or our Florida room.