Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ten Things

Kylie has a freckle on her left cheek. It's her first face freckle. I tried several times (unsuccessfully) to take a picture of it with my iPhone. But I netted this cute shots.



She makes pretend sleeping bags on the floor comprised of pillows and scarves. She calls it her "stranger bed" instead of sleeping bag.

She calls Ruffles potato chips "snuffles".

She likes to fill our refillable water bottles from our 5 gallon water stand. She's a great helper and rarely spills.

Kylie confessed that she had a time-out at school on Wednesday. She had to sit on the thinking bench for pushing someone. I'm pleased she told me and we had a good talk about not pushing others.

We have a new game we play as we wait in our car for Kylie to be taken into school. She grabs as many crayons as she can hold in her hand and asks me my favorite one. When I name a crayon, she moves it to her car seat drink carrier. Then she chooses her favorite and then asks me my next favorite. We do this until all the crayons are out of her hand. Then she grabs them up and we play again.

Although we wear 70 - 100 SPF, Kylie and I have developed tans. She never burns but browns like a berry (Did you know this phrase seems to have originated in Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"? Wikipedia is so cool.)

Kylie loves sitting and standing on her belly board. I had hopes that doing so would reduce the amount of sand that would be swept into her bathing suit. No so. Her suit is covered in sand when we come home from the ocean. She is light enough that the ocean waves can pick her up and float her a bit when she's on the belly board. Today, after a good float, she looked at me and said, "Cowabunga dude!

Kylie adores the book "Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink". She has asked me to read it to her at least twice a day for over a week. I'm looking forward to "Tickled Pink" that is due to be released at the end of July.

Kylie drew this very cool guy on her dry erase board. 

Those are my ten things for right now. I'll add this photo and say that I simple adore the wisps of hair that escape her ponytail and how they curl like this. Love it! Have a great day everyone!


Beth said...

great post. you all seem so happy.

adam & i miss you all!

Dani said...

I love when you do ten things! She is such a sweetheart. I love that she fessed up about her time out!

Lori said...

Kylie is such a little cutie--and growing sooo fast! Congrats on your new home--it must be awesome to live by the ocean! Kylie looks like she is certainly enjoying it--wouldn't surprise me if she learned to surf one day lol. Great photos--ty for sharing them with us! Lori

Unknown said...

Love the pictures. They make really cool SPF swim shirts for kids. My son looks like a cherry tomato if he is out too long in the sun even if I continuously slather him with sunscreen. I put him in a shirt and he is good to go. They work great!