Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 36 years old. Karen taught me how. Once I learned, I rode around for a few months on the biking trails in Portland, OR. I had one memorable crash into a wood bridge on a walking trail. I was pretty unsteady riding my bike but I could do it.

And then I got pregnant with Kylie and I haven't been on a bike since.

Four years later and I find myself living in a city where EVERYBODY bikes. Young people, old people, girls in pretty sundresses and guys carrying their surfboards...there are lots of bikers out there.

Over the weekend, Karen got a buggy attachment to her bike so that we could carry Kylie along on our bike rides. You can see it in the above picture. To test it out, we decided we would go to the beach. So I jumped on my bike...and sat there.

Sweat beaded down my back. "Holy crap! I don't know if I can do this!" I felt like a prize idiot as I wobbled and bobbled and tried to get my balance. My sweet pink bike was all over the place. I felt like everyone in our neighborhood was staring at me. Cars going by me made me slam my feet down and come to a sheepish halt.

So far, I really suck at bike riding.

But I'll keep at it. I really like the idea of us being a biking family. It cuts the trip to the beach or the park down to the blink of an eye.







Beth said...

Great pictures! Wow, you are sooo skinny! =) I just started a HUGE "healthy living plan" so wish me luck! =)

Alayna said...

Such cute pictures! You both just look so tan and happy and healthy. And, I agree with the previous commenter - you look awesome post-weight-loss. Great job!

Also, totally unrelated - if you're looking for a post topic, I'd love to hear about how you decide which photos to actually print out and/or frame. Since I got my new digital SLR, I have tons of new photos that I LOVE, but I can't print/frame them all, and so I feel paralyzed. Thought you might have some advice on that? Thanks and hope you all are enjoying your new beachy home!