Thursday, July 29, 2010

iPhone 4

Kiddo loves our iPhones. She is a pro at navigating the apps on them. Her new favorites are the StoryChimes children's books that read to her. Here she is playing with my iPhone 3 while my iPhone 4 was charging.



And here are my first two pictures off the new iPhone. I had heard that the picture quality on the new ones were much better and I would have to agree. Not nearly as grainy-particularly on the close shot. Kiddo was playing in our neighbor's sprinkler (and got a face full of water spray) while I picked up magnolia leaves. These shots are straight out of the camera.


The feature I was most looking forward to with the new phone is the video feature.  Here is Kylie screaming her head off at the sprinklers.  Turn your volume down.  She's really screeching here.

And here is a better one of her singing the days of the week song. "Start each day with a smile. Make each day full of fun. So let's make each and every day. A very special one."

Nope, I'm not adverse to bribing my child with ice cream to get her to sing on camera.  


kat said...

my friend writes the toddler teasers app for iphones. you should check them out :) her 4 yr old daughter "tests" them, even her 1 yr old son plays with them! :) it's amazing how kids are so good at using different technologies.

H2 said...

Very cute!