Friday, July 23, 2010

What Kylie is reading- July

Fancy Nancy: Pajama Day (I Can Read Book 1)
We read lots of these Level One Fancy Nancy stories. They seem to be the perfect amount of text on the page and story for Kylie's interest level right now.

No, David!
I remember that I didn't particularly like the David books when I first saw them. I thought the nose-picking, naked-streaking, accident-causing mishaps in the book would give Kylie some wrong ideas. Now that she is three years old, the books seem delightfully on the mark. David makes Kylie smile and she loves the illustrations.

I Spy A Butterfly (Scholastic Reader Level 1)
I spy a butterfly
Kylie and I both love our I Spy books. She cuddles next to me on the couch or bed as we look for the items on the page. She seems to like that it is different than reading; more like we are solving puzzles together. I just love the quiet and close time together.

Highlights High Five
Highlights High Five Magazine
My Mom got Kylie this magazine subscription for Christmas. Kylie has gotten more interested in the magazines this past month. She likes that she gets a magazine in the mail just like Mommy does. She asks me to read one of the quick stories during her playtime. She'll glance at the pages as she continues her play, mostly just liking to her my voice. And she likes looking at the magazine on the drive to school too.

National Geographic Image Collection
National Geographic Image Collection
I picked up this photography coffee table book the last time we were at the library. And Kylie was intrigued by all of the photographs. We had a great discussion about a photograph where some of the people were in focus and others were blurry. She was trying to understand that the people weren't actually blurry people that the picture representation was blurry. I plan to look for more of these coffee table books at the library in the future.

These are just some of the newer books that we've been reading. Hope you enjoy the list!


Cara said...

I felt the same way about David books, but my three-year-old loves them, and I've discovered that they are perfect for discussing good manners and what David should do.

Stacey said...

No, David is one of Riley's all time favourites.