Sunday, March 06, 2011

Church girls


Karen flew to Texas this morning for a week-long, work-related conference. Before she left, she snapped a few pictures of her church girls. We've started attending a Presbyterian church in our neighborhood. It has a good children's program with lots and lots of kids of all ages. So far, I really like it. They have three services on Sunday mornings. Right now, we prefer the traditional first service held at 8:30am. I think this church will be a good fit for our family.




Laurie said...

Beautiful. And you look amazing!

rikje_l said...

Wow!! You both look so pretty!!

Teaberry said...

We've been going to church lately, too-- a Unitarian Universalist one. We love it!

Soupy said...

Beautiful girls!! :)

We attend a Presbyterian church and I LOVE IT! :)
Glad you found something you like!

Anonymous said...

Our daughter attends a Presbyterian School and we love the program! Glad you found something that seems a good fit!

Nada said...

Wendy you look amazing! All your hard work has paid off. Kylie looks cute as always

missi said...

Hello...K looks as pretty even more as always. You look like a new woman. I keep reading.

Thanks por posting.