Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Life Week 6

Most of these pictures and stories have been shared on the blog, so I'll keep this short and sweet. You can click on the picture to view the credits.

Top right picture shows Kylie in her fort made of chairs and a sheet. On the 2nd row, there are some pictures Karen snapped of me riding my bike set up on our indoor trainer. I'm out of practice on the bike and the temps (even here in Florida) have been nippy so I'm building my base on my indoor trainer. The phrase, "It just takes time" is something I tell myself over and over when I feel like I should be stronger/faster/better during a workout. It reminds me to just stay with it and to try to be patient.

The 2nd card shows a picture of a Backyardigans episode. I wanted to explain the "Flower Power Hurray" picture that Kylie drew (located 3rd row, left picture).

This week I included a picture of one of Kylie's dirty shirts sitting on my washing machine. I have to scrub out her stains with a toothbrush dipped in bleach. Just something to remember about the joys of uniforms.

I journaled a bit about Kylie saying grace at our meals and saying "Bon Appetit". And finally I included the front of a bi-fold card that the staff from our favorite Starbucks gave to us for a free coffee.


On the second page, I included pictures of Kylie that I took at the park along with some journaling about her learning to slide down the fireman's pole. I inserted a picture and journaling about her washing the glass in our home.

I used a brown journaling tag on which to write about her Trash or Treasure picture (the artwork displayed in the lower right corner) where she glued bits of trash she found at our playground, and finally a picture of the eagle that came with an aviary group to Kylie's school.

On the right side, I added an insert with a recipe from March's Highlights Magazine that Kylie and I made on Sunday. And on the back, I included this bit of schoolwork.


Kylie drew this roller coaster picture at school. Kylie had a very long story that went with the picture. She told the story to her teacher who helped her summarize it. The teacher wrote the words with a highlighter and Kylie traced over them with her pencil. She said she "felt like a kindergardener" on this bit of work. We were very proud of her.

And that's it for another week of Project Life!
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Looks great! Love all the tidbits you added!