Monday, March 26, 2012

Letterbox- third trip

On Sunday, we made our third letterbox trip

Letterboxing is "an intriguing pastime combining navigational skills and rubber-stamp artistry in a treasure-hunt style outdoor quest." Our first letterbox experience was in February 2009 when we lived in Portland Oregon. Our second trip was this January at Fort Caroline Park.

Our third trip also started near Fort Caroline Park. We took the Spanish Pond Trail for about a mile and then followed the clues. Soon enough we spotted the box.

With letterboxing, there is stamp in the box that you stamp onto a page in your notebook. Today's box had a beautiful hand-carved stamp of a large scary guy named "Carnival Creeper". We stamped it onto our notebook and onto our clue sheet.

A letterbox also has a guest register. We stamped our 3-star stamp (with pink ink per Kylie's request) into their guest book. We wrote a bit about ourselves and Kylie signed her own name.

I think I enjoy the whole stamping part of letterboxing more than Kylie. I get really tickled seeing the letterbox stamp and the stampers who have been there before us. But mostly I do it to get the family in the woods. At the start of our hike, we saw a snake cross our path which was a good teachable moment about watching where we put our feet. But mostly, Kylie wants to run ahead on the path. Really reminds me of myself at her age.






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