Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Life Week 12

Last week Kylie had Spring Break. Instead of going to school from 8:30 - 2:00, she went to a My Gym camp from 9:00 - 12:30. The camp had some fun themes and Kylie had a great time.

I struggled a bit last week. I really missed those extra 2 hours. I didn't blog. I didn't pick up the Nikon but once. I didn't scrapbook or surf the internet. I made too many trips to the grocery store because I couldn't focus enough to create my usual week-long menu. I didn't do anything special with Kylie but by the time I put her to bed, I was wiped.

This was a good preparatory experience since Kylie's summer school hours will be from 9-1. This past week shows me I need to strategize a bit and figure out my day's timings so I'm not so frazzled this summer as I was this previous week.

Looking back on the week, I'm grateful for my iPhone. I was able to create this week's Project Life pages by using my iPhone photos and reading my text messages to Karen and my TN family.

I'm pleased with how the pages turned out. Once again this week, they seemed filled with a rainbow of colors. I wish I could scan the pages rather than photograph them because you don't get to see much detail here. Overall I'm so pleased to have another completed week!

To view the credits, just click on the photo.

My Gym Theme card journaling:
M-It’s a jungle, T-Cowboys & Aliens, W-Shark Attack, T-Ooey Gooey Science, F-Fear Factor.
It’s been wonderful to have a break from preparing Kylie’s lunches this week!

Shark card journaling:
Kylie enjoyed decorating this cupcake with jelly beans, fruit loops and a candy shark fin. And she loved her shark tooth necklace.

Tree journaling:
Lucas tree service removed the old fronds and seed stalks on our 40 foot Palm tree, our tallest Magnolia tree and our smaller Palm trees.

This week journaling:
In addition to getting the trees trimmed, Karen and I replaced four broken sprinkler heads. Kylie had fun playing in the sprinkler spray.


About You journaling:
We moved a step ladder into your room. You’ve decided that you want to choose your own clothes. One day this week you told me proudly, “I know this doesn’t match but I want to wear it anyway.” You’ve got spirit and style my darling girl!

Extra journaling:
Kylie wears a size 10 shoe. Shoe shopping on Thursday 3/22

Our musical girl journaling:
This week Kylie has been singing “This Old Man” and the Mickey Mouse Alma Mater (see you real soon!) song. And we taught her to spell Mississippi the “crooked-letter” “humpback” way and Tennessee the “T, E, double-n, e, double s, double e” way. Of course she latched onto both and we’ve heard them all A LOT!

Green card:
Kylie was invited to our neighbor’s jump house before their son’s birthday started. And Kylie has really gotten into making Tinker Toy creations. It’s a bit unnerving when she describes the guns, bombs and lasers in her creations. It is odd because she doesn’t have tv or game access that has anything with weapons or the like. I attribute it to her picking it up from playing with boys at school.

So that's it for another week!
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Wendy said...

great pages. I am really enjoying following peoples project life and how we are all doing it differently

Kelli said...

looks like a great week! love the shoe photo, that's a great idea! Happy Spring Break! Ours is next week, I'm looking forward to documenting that!

Chris Coryell said...

Great pages. So colorful!! Love the My Gym colorful theme card.


packmom said...

Cute shoes and love the shot of her picking out her own clothes. The step stool was a great idea!

Miriam Rodriguez said...

awesome pages!! looks like a fun week, love the m-f card! thanks for sharing!

Regina White said...

Love the layout and the colors are great.

April said...

great the gooey and shark inserts :) looks like she had a fantastic week!

kate adderley said...

Hi Wendy, beautiful pages, love the shoes and the pic of the tree, great journaling