Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now on Facebook


I've blogged for 7-8 years but I've never really been interested in Facebook. But I'm tired of being blocked when I click on someone's tweet that points to their Facebook page. So I've finally joined Facebook. So come on over and friend me. Or like me. Or comment. Or something. Sigh. I've got to figure the whole thing out. I just know that I want Timeline and can't get it and that the Dailymile posts are pretty cool.

Wendy's Facebook page


Kate said...

Welcome to Facebook- you will be addicted in no time. It is a payback because you got me addicted to Becky Higgins life project! :)

To get Timeline- go to someone's page that has it- and you will see a button to join it and it will change your page.

Happy Facebooking.

Wendy said...

just spent 3 hours reading the blog from start to finish after finding it from project life link/ What a wonderful way to spend a evening seeing Kylie group up xx