Thursday, March 08, 2012

New Kindle

I'm happy because today I received my new Kindle. Some of my long-time blog readers might remember that I got my first edition Kindle in June 2008.


Back when Kylie used to look like this...

and this.

What a difference (almost) 4 years can bring! Look at that baby chub--oh, the memories!

I would still be reading on my lovely, old Kindle but I wore the poor thing out. It started locking up constantly. It needed to be reset often. And last Saturday morning, I didn't think (for several harsh hours) it was going to come back on at all.

Back when I got my first Kindle, I felt like a game show model whenever anyone would notice it. "What is that you are doing/reading?" a passerby at Starbucks would ask me. "This," I would say with a lovely hand flourish, "is the Amazon Kindle." It was such a kick to be an early adoptor and show it off.

I'll have to take another picture of me holding my new Kindle when Karen gets back home. When you love books as much as I do, you must simply record such a momentous moment.

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Michaela said...

Congrats to your new Kindle. I was wondering: You say you love books. Don't you miss the feeling of reading an actual book (turning real pages and so on)? I've thought many times of buying a Kindle too (it would save us a lot of space which is occupied by books) but I am scared that I'll lose the books I've already read (You know, data securing and so on). Hm...just wondering how you feel about that.