Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Superheroes, oceans, robots and more

I'm loving Kylie's imagination these days. I love the stories she concocts like this one. This was her pretend cover of a dvd. This pretend movie is a stirring children's action movie titled "Disney's Ocean."

This was inside the picture. When I asked her what it was she replied, "The DVD of course."
Kylie's oceanmovie dvd

These are the robots she made on Sunday. They had some interesting adventures too.
The robot with green antennae is a boy rockstar named Ashley. He loves bees, itches a lot and wears braces. The purple antennae robot is a girl rockstar named Fred. She smiles a lot, is great at jumping, likes gingerbread, attracts butterflies, and she doesn't know what braces are.

Don't you just love childrens' imaginations?

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E. from Pot o' Gold said...

I love our almost 5-yr-olds' imagination. That first drawing is amazing - so much going on!