Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project Life Week 25

This first page felt very Summery with pictures of squirt guns and a visit to the sprinkler park. As usual, click on the photo to view the credits. Project Life Week 25 page 1.jpg

Sunshine Park was packed on Tuesday with buses of kids from various Summer camps. I was proud of how Kylie ran and played within the throng. Fortunately, the crowd dispersed before we entered the sprinkler park. Ms Robin has a culinary work in her class.

This week Kylie sliced bananas and then speared them with toothpicks. Next she used an orange juicer to create freshly-squeezed orange juice. Then she offered the slices on a tray to her school mates. Well done Kylie !

Kylie has learned to snap with her right hand!

We’ve noticed a shift with Kylie’s reading. She’s reading signs and labels now. She is so pleased with herself when she reads “Fox Movies” on the tv screen or “Life is Good” on one of my tshirts. And she still loves us to read to her. This week, we finished the Junie B. Jones kindergarten books and moved on to the Junie B Jones first grader books.

Page 2 was all about our new roof. Thank heavens we got this before Tropical Storm Debby came to town. Otherwise we would have been swamped!

Project Life Week 25 page 2

The roofers started early on Thursday morning. In one day they were able to remove all of the old roof. Thursday afternoon we also had a playdate with Kylie’s friend Katherine. It was all a bit overwhelming but it kept us from being so distracted with all the roofing noise. On Friday, after a morning inspection, the roofers started putting down the new roof. They finished all but the Florida room on Saturday afternoon. Our timing couldn’t have been better because another tropical storm swept into Florida on Sunday. Thank heavens we had our new roof!

On Friday, Kylie went to the pediatrician. Shehad an ear infection in her right ear. We got a prescription for antibiotics and for numbing drops. Even though we had to wait for over an hour, Kylie was quite the trooper in the doctor’s office. We read some Magic Bus books and played games on my iPhone.

The roofers started at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Fortunately, Karen had a plan. We started with breakfast at Cracker Barrell. Then we watched the 10:30 showing of the Disney movie, “Brave”. Afterwards we checked into a nearby Hampton Inn that had an indoor pool. I had accupuncture for my heel while Karen & Kylie played in the pool. Later I fell sound asleep on the bed while Karen & Kylie watched “Ice Age” on tv. When we returned home at 6, the roofers were done for the day. Our day of fun was much better than staying home listening to the roofers bang around all day!

I love how Project Life gives me a place to store hotel key cards and movie ticket stubs. If you stop by, please leave a comment. Comments mean the world to me.

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Alayna said...

I always enjoy your blog and your photos! I loved the part about your hotel day while you were getting your new roof. Brilliant way to get away from all the banging. I wish I had thought of that when we had our roof replaced!

Unknown said...

Hello! Delurking to say that I love reading your blog! I live in Portland and stumbled upon it a few years ago really randomly, but because my partner and I want to start having kids in the near future, it's so encouraging to read about other people who are a bit ahead of us in the process! Anyway, love the blog and vow to become a more frequent commenter! :)

pod said...

Love your blog - great that your new roof was on just in time. My partner and I have a daughter and I've enjoyed following your blog - so glad to be delurking

Wendy said...

love following your project life. gives me lots of ideas

Anonymous said...

Found your blog back when you were posting pictures of the beautiful lunches you packed and also love your scrapbooking updates. I've also loved following your fitness journey.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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