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Project Life Weeks 33 and 34

I got a little behind with the rush before school started but I'm happy to be caught up. As usual, click on the photo to view the credits.

I loved these park pictures of Kylie so I printed them and put them in a smaller page protector and put them in front of this week.

Project Life Week 33 page 1

It’s been a busy week. Kylie had gymnastics camp from 9-3 Monday through Thursday. She had her last two swim lessons at Planet Swim. And I rushed around making sure we were ready for school.

This is a neighborhood runner. I see him moving past our house all the time. I’ve tried to speak with him several times but he just nods and continues down the road. A neighbor once told me that this gentleman was a great runner but then he had a stroke, which affected him mentally and physically. His run is more of a shuffle-walk now. But when he passes by, I can tell by his energy and by the look in his eyes that in his mind, he is flying. He is a daily source of inspiration for me. He never gives up. He keeps on running.

Kylie was a big help during Children’s Church as I taught the story about Jesus and blind Bartimaeus. Kylie loves the church playground tire swing.

Kylie’s Build-a-Bear Puppy was her favorite toy of the week. She carried her everywhere. The puppy showed up in several of this week’s photos. But my favorite was this shot of Kylie enjoying a Starbucks cake pop and milk. Puppy is laying on the floor looking like a dead dog. I’m an odd one because this photo really cracked me up this week.

Project Life Week 33 page 2

It's hard to see (in this picture of pictures) but that top left photo is of a beautiful rainbow we saw on our drive home from Starbucks. We are so blessed to be able to see the ocean every day.

Karen flew to Texas on Sunday to speak at a conference. She came home on Wednesday. Our tradition is that she brings Kylie home a present from her trips. For this trip, Kylie asked for stuffed animals with “big eyes”. And her Momma Karen delivered two toys that Kylie simply loved.

Kylie is getting good at eating with kid chopsticks. Today she enjoyed matching all the Pei Wei signs and logos throughout the restaurant.

On Friday, Kylie didn’t have a camp to attend. Karen and I got a babysitter and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We went to the movies and saw the Streep movie “Hope Springs”. During the movie, the screen went black and an intercom voice told us to evacuate the building. This was the first time I had ever been evacuated from a theater. This made me a bit nervous given the recent theater shooting in Colorado during the latest “Batman” movie in which 12 were killed and 58 were wounded. We exited the theater in the rain and were told that a fire alarm had been triggered. It started raining really hard so Karen and I decided to stay at the theater and watch the “Bourne Legacy” movie. It was a nice afternoon together.

Kylie put on a great puppet show with the puppets she and the babysitter made together. I particularly like the trees Kylie and Momma made and attached to pipe cleaners. The puppet show was about a gorilla and an elephant playing hide and seek.

I caught a cold and slept all day Saturday. On Sunday I felt a little better so I knitted and watched “Emma” on tv while my two cats curled around me. Karen took Kylie to Build-a-Bear and Kylie brought home a stuffed cat which she named Chloe.

I also included in the Project Life notebook (not pictured here), the timetable flyer from her gymnastics camp, her Build-a-Bear birth certificate, and the checked-off Summer reading list from her school.

Project Life Week 34 page 1
With the pictures of Week 34, I have officially been using the Project Life system for one year. I started using the PL system on Kylie's first week of school in 2011. It wasn't until 2012 that I decided to be more vigilant in taking photos of the pages to share with you. But I can honestly say that I still love the Project Life way of scrapbbooking!

With Kylie's return to school, I knew in advance that I wanted to take notes on whatever she would share with me about her first days of kindergarten. With so much journaling, I kept the page pretty sparse of embellishments.

Kylie got to visit her classroom between 10-11. She is in the same classroom as she had last year and has the same teachers Ms. Kirby and Ms. Elizabeth. Kylie walked showing us some things she likes to work with and the changes to the classroom. She played with a few of her friends on the playground.
The class schedule
8:40 – 10:30 work time
10:30 – 11:00 playground
11:00 – 11:30 line time: presentations, lessons, songs, calendar & discussions about special events.
11:30 – 12:30 kindergarten lunch and playground
12:30 – 3:00 kindergarten time.

The teachers showed Kylie her kindergarten books. She has a red book that has word exercises (for example, there is a picture of an ant and next to it three spaces for her to write the word “ant”), a green book where Kylie can write her word-building words, and a dictionary where she can write the words she looks up. During work time, Kylie got to teach a younger student a matching game. And during kindergarten time, Kylie wrote on a journal page about going to the beach. She wrote, “I went to the beach. I saw some shells that dig into the ground (by their) self.”
During combined kindergarten time she went to art class and made a name tag.

Kylie worked on word building (fan, can, etc) and wrote her words in her green book. She had PE with Mr. Kirk. He is going to teach them to juggle. Kylie practiced moving a ball back and forth between her hands. The class split into girls versus boys and Kylie was so tickled to name the girl team the “Tiger Girls”. They raced one another in frog hops, monkey walks, crab walks, and ninja dogs. Kylie had Spanish class with Ms. Ingrid. She sang the song “Como te llamas”. She played with Emma in the sandbox during playground time. Kylie wrote on a journal page about her summer. She wrote, “I was watching the Olympics. I go to swim lessons. I also go to gymnastics camp.”

Project Life Week 34 page 2
On Monday, before we went to school, I took Kylie to the beach and snapped a few pictures. I included them with the rest of the journaling about school.

Kylie continued to work on word building (jam, mat, etc). She liked the book “It’s Mine” that Ms Kirby read during Line Time. She had Music class with Ms. Jess. Each child got to make a sound and the other children would copy that sound. Kylie loved all the blowing and snorting sounds the kids made. She made her “joy, joy, joy” sound that her cousin Allie taught her. Kylie wrote on her journal page, “I played outside when it was raining. Josu saw me. He is funny and scary.” Kylie told me that right before it is time for the parents to pick up the kindergarteners that the teachers dim the lights and have the children lay down in the book sanctuary part of the classroom as they play soft music. The teachers call it meditation time. Ms. Kirby brought Kylie to the car today. She told me that Kylie has great stamina. She said many of the other K kids were really slowing down by the end of the day but that Kylie keeps going and going.

Kylie worked with Emma and together they made a rainbow out of small colored pom pons. They also worked on a map of the US together. Kylie completed an addition worksheet. She had fun pouring dried macaroni in a pouring exercise. Kylie told me that Ms. Kirby read them a nonfiction book about ducks. “Mommy, nonfiction means ‘real”. She told all about ducks webbed feet and bills. Ms. Kirby brought Kylie to the car today. She told me that Kylie has great stamina. She said many of the other K kids were really slowing down by the end of the day but that Kylie keeps going and going.

That's it for another week. Thanks for looking! Click on the photos to view the credits. If you want to see other Project Life Projects, see
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Hi Moms, I stumbled upon your blog and couldn't stop scrolling. My coffee even got cold, as I forgot about it. I love this method of scrapbooking. As a former scrapbook'r, I was once again drawn into the beautiful way to make memories. Thanks for re-kindling my enthusiasm once again. My new found love is knitting. I'd love for you to drop by my blog when you have the time (and you are busy).