Sunday, August 13, 2006

Squirrel or ostrich?

Wendy here. While in San Francisco, I bought a fantastic magazine- "Junior- pregnancy & baby". Inside this British mag, there is a wonderful article written by Christina Hopkinson.

Here's an excerpt:

"There are some pregnant women who seem to know and have it all. You know the ones- they've road-tested every buggy on the market, signed up to their pre-natal classes, planned their route to the hospital and bought the bottle warmer- all before they've even developed a bump. They are the squirrels of the pregnancy world, hoarding equipment and information in eager anticipation.
And then there are those trying to squeeze into their jeans at 30 weeks, still insisting nothing's going to change in their lives and saying, 'Baby, what baby?" With their heads in the sand, they're the obvious ostriches of gestation."

The article goes on to say that many women won't allow themselves to think about a baby beforehand because you might not get one and so it's psychologically sensible to protect yourself. Others think it's bad luck to have baby things in your house.

Let me tell you, different people have their ways of dealing with the two-week wait. My way it to be a SQUIRREL and to get informed about pregnancy, babies, and toddlers.

You see, I feel comfortable with newborns. I know how to care for them. But I don't know much about babies past six months old and know very little about child development.

So my new ritual is to take my book, "Your Baby's First Year" by Shelov to my favorite Starbucks (decaf coffee of course) and to read a chapter.

And, in addition to reading my favorite "trying-to-get-pregnant" blogs, I also check out Kiddley's web site for neat kid activities and information. If you know of a website like Kiddley, please share it!

Doing things like this makes me happy. And of course there is knitting. What do you do?

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