Saturday, June 30, 2007

Adult t*ys, it's not what some of you may be's just the brand new iPhone that was released by Apple today!

Yes, after all these long weeks of me not posting, I finally emerge to tease you with the promise of some racy post of adult paraphernalia and what you get is my musings about Apple's newest cool gadget, the iPhone! My apologies to those of you who were hoping for something else. :)

Anyway, I have been awaiting the arrival of the iPhone with *almost* as much anticipation as I did Kylie's arrival. I'm what you might call a techno-gadget girl. I love to have all the coolest new gadgets from phones to computers to cool headphones to whatever! Just as long as it is really small, looks cool and it has at least the promise of making something I do alot be a little bit easier or more fun to do.

So, today was the day. At 6pm, Apple stores everywhere raised the curtain on selling these little wonders. Of course, I'm sitting in Arlington, TX instead of standing in line behind 50 other geeks at my local Apple store near my home in Portland. So, what do I do? Well, first I pout a bit... poor me - I can't get my new iPhone within minutes of it being available for sale. Next, I began to search the internet to locate an Apple store near where I'm staying. I finally located one about 20 miles away and at 8:45pm, decide I'll make the trip over and get my new little toy. You see, the new iPhone is activated by hooking it up to your computer, just like you would sync up an iPod or other MP3 device and it basically prompts you through activating your phone service and within a matter of minutes you're supposed to be up and cooking. So, I figured since that's how it worked, I could do that from right here in the LaQuinta Inn in Arlington, TX!

First, I did call the store to see 1) how long the line was and 2) if I got there and waited in the line, would they actually have one left when it was my turn. The harried sounding sales person said 1) there is no line and 2) we've got plenty. That's all I needed to hear. So, off I go to find the place and carry away my new toy. But, as it turns out, I had to learn the lesson (again) of making sure that when I ask questions, I ask *all* the right questions. You see, when I got there, they were out of the 8GB models (8GB is *alot* of room for those of you who don't do computer memory sizing math), which is what I wanted. I mean, hey...if you're going to get one of the coolest new toys out there, you'd may as well get the biggest, baddest, most loaded version of the sucker (and besides, you get double the capacity for only an extra $100....who could resist that?).

While I was sorely tempted to take the 4GB (which is *only* half of *alot* of memory), I bowed my head, admitted defeat and left the store without cussing or crying (I was pretty cool about the whole thing if you ask me). The little sales girl (i.e. Apple Associate, if I was being more politically correct) did look at me with a bit of concern and ask if I was going to be I guess I wasn't totally unemotional about not getting my toy, but I suppose I was allowed a bit of disappointment after driving 20 miles to a place I'd never been only to find out the thing I wanted to get was sold out. Sigh....

So, the wait continues. I'm back in my hotel, have packed my suitcase to prepare for my 8:30am flight home tomorrow morning and figured I'd soothe myself by sharing my experiences of the evening. Hmmmm..... I think I feel better, but I think I'd have preferred to be syncing my new iPhone right now instead.

- Karen

*** By the way, this has been the longest 6 days of my life being away from my two best girls. I can't wait to get home...and I won't even stop at the Apple store on my drive in from the airport! Now, that's love. ;)


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Sorry your trip was fruitless. Are you loving all this rain in Texas? Blah!

ohchicken said...

i happen to work for the company that makes this little toy, and the insanity that was last night...whew.
i'm exhausted.

i did get to play with one for awhile, and it was a whole lotta fun. :)

Anonymous said...

You're right, that IS love! At least now you can take your two best girls with you when you purchase said new t*y!