Friday, June 08, 2007

Where did the week go?

What happened to the time when I could blog every day? Where did the week go?

The past few days have just been a blur. How can it be such a challenge to simply fold the clothes from the dryer every day when Kylie sleeps so much?

Anyway, in our spare time, Karen and I have scrapbooked a couple of pages. I'll take some pictures and post them later. The scrapbooking stuff takes up our entire dining room table. At meals, I try to clear off a little area but we end up eating hunched over this tiny, scrapbook free space on the table.

And our favorite, baby-free pasttime is to go to the various scrapbook/craft stores and wander the aisles. Where we used to run errands together, now we take turns. And usually our turns find us for a brief stop for scrapbooking stuff. Dang! The amount of stuff you can buy for scrapbooking is almost as never-ending as the stuff you can buy for a baby!

We bought a little storage shelf unit to put in the office to hold all our craft supplies. To make room, I moved one of our cat towers out of the office. (We actually have two of those carpet-covered cat towers in our small office. I also have two little cat beds on my desk. Can you tell we love our cats?)

Anyway, I moved the tower out into the hall with the intention of taking it to Goodwill. For the cats, it's like "New Toy! New Toy!" and they have been playing all over it all day.

Geesh...this is a rambling post. But I felt the need to post something....anything!!!

Kylie now weighs 10 pounds, 3 oz. She has found her fist (as you can see in the below photo). Whenever her hand comes near her mouth, she's sucking on it. Her head is getting really strong. She's holding it up and turning it left and right really well now. Yesterday, I saw the hint of a "turtle" when she had belly time on her playmat.

Baby Girl has some serious core strength to lift those legs like that. We do something similar for our abs at Jazzercise and I don't do it nearly as well as Kylie!

Guess that's all for now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Kathryn said...

She is so beautiful. My neighbors just had their first baby...
He was born 10 pounds 4 ounces. The mom is so sore and messed up she has to have a walker! I'm glad your baby is just now 10 pounds!

Stacey said...

Time does fly by so quickly! I can't believe I'll already spent 1/3 of my year mat leave at home! Crazy.

Cute! Eating of the hands continues to be a favourite pasttime of Riley's. :P Mmmm yummy!

Looking forward to pictures of your scrapbooking.