Monday, June 04, 2007

What's Up?

I snapped this picture yesterday. To me, it looks like Kylie is saying (with an urban, rapper accent), "What's Up?"

Speaking of urban, do you know about the urban dictionary? I read it every day--don't ask me why--I'm weird that way.

Anyway, Kylie's acne is starting to clear up. I predict it will be completely gone by the end of the week. And we can't wait! Both for her sake and ours because we've missed taking tons of photographs of her every day.

Our little girl is holding her head and turning it from side to side really well now. And she loves to scoot off her baby positioner when she's in her crib.

Here's something interesting: When Kylie lays on my chest, she instinctively inches her way down to the nursing position. Even if she is completely full, she won't simply lay or sleep on my chest. And once she's in nursing position, she won't settle unless she's nursing.

But she loves to sleep on Karen's chest. Normally this seems fair. I get to nurse Kylie and Karen gets sleepy-time, heart to heart time with her. But today I had to have a bit of a pout about it.

Is this true for any other breastfeeding Moms out there?

Whenever I want to hold Kylie close, I'll put her in her sling. That way we can cuddle and I can have her close to my heart. We didn't really plan to practice Attachment Parenting but our little girl is so content in her sling. So she's held by one of us almost all the time.

Well...I've got to go now....Kylie needs to be fed. Cheers!



Dee said...

Too funny! And so adorable!! We haven't meant to practice attachment parenting either but if we aren't holding her we've got visitors there holding her. And she's starting to get it. She now gets fussy after not being held for awhile.

Stacey said...

cute picture! glad her skin has cleared up and she's doing so well.

little babies love to be held. according to "happiest baby on the block" the first 3 months are still like your pregnancy--the baby wants to feel like she is still in the womb and demands more attention. after 3 months, they like to be more and more independent. I couldn't lay Riley down for long periods of time at first but now she's great on her playmat, playpen, jumperoo or swing for longer periods of time.

Casey said...

True for me! Both my babies wanted to be nursing if they were in my arms but they would sleep, happily nestled on my partners chest. I would often find this completely unfair because I, too, just wanted to hold them and look at them instead of nursing them whenever they were near me.

I loved nursing them too - it's just sometimes I just wanted to hold them.

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Yeah, I can relate to the baby not wanting to lay on nursing mom's chest. Mateo lays on Maria's chest and seems so content. I get jealous sometimes...but then I realize, I get to nourish our son and that's a huge privilege as well as a responsibility.

SJayneI said...

Just wanted to say that your daughter is getting prettier every day......and looking more and more like Karen. :)

Shauna said...

I tried a sling but Bug was so contorted in there! How did you manage? I was really looking forward to having a sling for around the house but I ended up buying a wrap which seemed much more comfortable and practical.

I was disappointed in the sling but maybe when she's older it will work out.

ohchicken said...

who is her hairdresser?! kylie's hair is always perfect. i am jealous :)

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I love the pic...too cute! With her gesture, it's as if she is saying, "Peace out," to me. :)

Hang in there with the snuggling issue. As she gets older, that will change. There were many times I felt like one "Giant Boob". Right now she is just so in tune with your smell, that it's like a big ole "Let's Eat!!!" neon sign goes off in her brain when she lays on you.

Hugs to you.

Lynanne said...

I can't use a front carrier (baby bjorn and the like) because my son goes nuts trying to get at my boobs. Even when he's asleep on my chest he burrows his nose into me. It does get better when they get older but then they sleep less and want to be looking around when they are awake.

I finally got around to the 7 things meme. Sorry it took so long. :)