Friday, June 15, 2007


We finally found a mobile!

We've been on the hunt for a mobile for weeks but couldn't find one to work with our lifestyle convertible crib. The crib has a lip on it's rim that doesn't work with most of the mobile types. Karen and I have had some very fun conversations talking about ways that we could overcome this obstacle and install a mobile. Karen's imaginary mobile inventions included carpentry clamps and mine included garden plant hooks.

But finally we found a mobile that fits through the crib bars and doesn't have to sit on the rails. It's the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders mobile and Kylie adores it.

Before she was born, we hadn't planned on getting a mobile at all. But Kylie was fascinated with the cheap mobile on her Pack n Play. Karen and I would stand for long periods of time and manually turn this mobile just to see her smile. So we knew we had to get her a better mobile. We also finally found a mobile adapter in case we decide to put a motion mobile on her Pack n Play.

Kylie's expression is priceless when she's watching her mobile. The look on her face is, "Dang! These crazy fish things are floating in the air. That's so cool!" Her sense of wonder is such a joy.

Kylie is changing her sleep patterns just a bit. She's now going to sleep around 11:00pm instead of 12:30 or 1:00am and staying asleep for around four hours. It makes a big difference for us to get to bed at this earlier time. She has a quick feed around 3:00am and then sleeps until 7:30-8:00am.

I attribute this positive change to the fact that she's gaining weight (she's now at 10lbs 11oz), eating more during her feeds and that she's switching her hours to be a daytime baby. We've also incorporated some of the ideas from the book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" which have seemed to help. Needless to say, we're all thrilled with more sleep!


Stacey said...

awww she's too cute. glad you found a mobile. i too have found we have issues with stuff on the crib. the ocean wonders thing on the side of the crib doesn't fit so nicely because we have a sleigh bed crib so the sides really curve. oh well. :P

babies are so fun to watch. :)

ajs4ever said...

She is such a doll, but I know you already knew that:) I love the new pictures and your anniversary picture is so pretty too! Glad you finally found a mobile to work and make your little one so happy!


Anonymous said...

I love the pics. She is so beautiful. Your anniversary pic is amazing as well. Happy Anniversary!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary ladies! You are both glowing and beautiful! And of course that little Kylie is just gorgeous. I'll have to check out the No-Cry Sleep Solution, sounds very interesting!

Holly said...

Very cute pictures!
We love our "ocean wonders" aquarium! We also were dragging our feet about getting a mobile, and Andrew now LOVES it!