Monday, June 11, 2007


I have a bunch of pictures to show you. You can click on the picture to see a larger version. Sorry for any of you who may still have dial-up connections.

I love these two pictures of Kylie and Karen

Me and Kylie in the backyard

Kylie loves her swing.

I had a slight panic moment when the swing ran out of batteries this morning. Fortunately, I was able to pull some D batteries out of some flashlights and get it going again (hope there's not a power outage tonight). The "experts" say that she shouldn't be in the swing for more than 30 minutes twice a day and that I should take her out before she falls asleep. Well, I'm missing the mark on both counts. No matter how gently I try to take her out of the swing, she always wakes up (and is quite angry about it!)

When Kylie cries these days, she sheds tears. Before, in her early weeks, she would slowly work her way into a cry with whimpers and grunts. Nowadays, she lets loose with her full-throated cry right off the bat. She certainly has found her voice! Here she is in a bit of a snit:

But the majority of the time she is a happy, easy-going, smiley baby.


Stacey said...

Such ADORABLE pictures! I love the swing one and the smiling at the bottom. Too cute with her moms as well.

What experts? I only used it that much because Riley is easily bored with things. But not sleeping in the swing? In the early days that was so nice!!!

Anonymous said...

moms and baby are lovely! fabuloso photography! you are very good at capturing some precious moments. those "experts" are not accounting for what life would be like for those babies if their mommies were not regrouping while baby sleeps happily in swing. it was the only thing gavin would sleep in during the day for months! lisa O

annab said...

i think kylie kind of looks like karen :)

Anonymous said...

"experts" should be taken in small doses and always with a grain of salt! you are the experts on your baby girl right? she's beautiful and i can't get over all the hair!

Monogram Queen said...

She's darling! I say do what works for YOU and is comfortable for YOU. Experts be damned!

Alayna said...

Soooo cute! I say, enjoy the swing time while you can. We look back with great fondness on those days when Mateo would nap in his swing.

Cass said...

Ohmygosh I think the "snit" picture is the best!! :) She's beautiful!

Kim aka Mommy said...

What a cutie!

Lynanne said...

I wouldn't fret about the swing. Sometimes you just need to go with what works despite what the "experts" say. They were probably thinking of the old hard plastic swings and not the comfy one that Kylie has? (where can I get one of those big enough for an adult?)

I love the photos! Actually, I like the one of her in a snit. It would look really good in b&w (yeah, I know get over the b&w already ;) )