Monday, August 20, 2007

Four month appointment and milestones

Kylie had her four-month doctor's appointment today along with her four scheduled shots. Everything went well. Kylie's sleeping it off right now--shot days are so exhausting.

*She weighs 12 lbs, 9 oz which is in the 25 percentile. She's up 4 lbs, 13 oz from her birth weight.
*Her height is 24 inches which is in the 50 percertile.

We've seen lots of changes this month!
*Kylie loves to touch and grasp and shake anything within her reach. She's started sitting and playing in her exersaucer activity center and jumperoo. And when she isn't playing, she's sucking her fingers.
*She's started kicking and splashing during her bath.
*She holds her legs up and flexes her feet. She likes to touch her knees and toes.
*She rubs her feet together to soothe herself.
*She can be quieted with music and singing.
*She babbles to herself and loves to talk to the baby in the mirror.
*She smiles with delight when she sees her mommies.
*She can see us across a room and follow our movements.
*She has a bedtime routine and is in her crib by 9pm

Now forgive me while I go indulge in some chocolate. Shot days are hard on the mommies too!



Anonymous said...

hi!!! shots are the pits!!! again-she sure is a cutie pie!!

Stacey said...

cute pictures! hope the after-shots is easier this time. it was for Riley...

Kathryn said...

My two oldest girls go next week for their HPV vaccine. And believe me, they complain a hell of a lot more than they did when they were babies! I may be able to bribe them with a trip to Target or something however!

E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

Excellent pictures. We check on Kylie everyday. She brightens our day with those silly faces.

Dee said...

Ouch shots! I'd be helping myself to some chocolate as well. She soooo adorable!!!