Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Do you think it's possible for loved ones to communicate between minds (aka telepathically)?

Karen and I have often joked about it. When she travels, we will often get the strongest sense of one another. We'll look at the clock and the next time we speak, we'll ask one another about it. For example Karen will ask me, "Were you thinking of me or needing me at around 10pm Pacific time, because you woke me up here on the East coast".

We call this "pinging" one another.

Ping is a computer term. Karen taught it to me. Here's a definition of it:
Ping - A protocol that sends a message to another computer and waits for acknowledgment, often used to check if another computer on a network is reachable.

I say that it's like me knocking on her door and saying "Hey, are you there?" and her answering from behing the door, "Yep, I'm here!"

Anyway, now I'm pinging Kylie. Sometimes I'll wake up in the night and listen to Kylie's baby monitor. I'll listen for the rustling sounds of her moving because I want to reassure myself that she's fine. And sometimes, more than an hour will go by and I'm waiting and waiting. And I'll think to myself, "Kylie honey, are you okay? Mommy needs to hear you."

And I kid you not, within seconds, she will make a little grunt or sound or sigh. I'll send a "thank you baby" her way and go back to sleep.

So, am I crazy? Is it just coincidence? Or do you experience this too? Do you ping your loved ones?


Look deep into my eyes Mommy. I can read your every thought.


Alayna said...

Sacha and I totally do this! I love the term pinging. Since our little guy was born, I often find myself nursing him and having forgotten something I need to put him down after he's fallen asleep, like a pacifier. Once I realize it, I'll sit there and concentrate on mentally telling Sacha that I need her to come in for a second...and usually in a few minutes, she appears! I haven't done it with the baby, but now I'll have to give it a shot!

By the way, today's photos are adorable. I love her smile!

Caroline said...

I know exactly what you are talking. I have one friend that I will be sitting thinking about and literally a minute later the phone will ring and it will be her. I think it's an awesome thing to share with another person.

As usual, adorable pictures.

Holly said...

I totally know what you are talking about. My mother and I have a good "pinging" relationship and so do Lois and I when it comes mostly to phone calls or thinking about the same food cravings at the same time. LOL!
I think it's very cool that Kylie is responsive to your pinging!!

Anonymous said...

We do this ALL the time!! And I always know if it is her calling on the phone.

Casey said...

Happens here! :)

Unknown said...

It happens between my mom and I. If my feelings are strong enough, I can "make" her call me. Also, if I am going through particularly difficult times she'll dream about a little girl looking very distressed in the back seat of a car that is driving away. Unfortunately, that connection also meant that she knew about my first relationship with a woman long before I was ready to come out...

Anonymous said...

I love the term "ping" for this. I "ping" a lot of people I love, and they ping me too. For example, if I go to the grocery store, and I forget to leave my phone on, my partner will often ping me with something we need. Suddenly, I'll leave the produce aisle and head over to the olive oil. My brother and I are really close, so we'll often ping each other and one or the other calls. I can usually get my mom to call me too. It also works with one of my cats. If she's outside, I can usually get her to come back in by just thinking about her for a little while and asking her to come back. I love it.

By the way, these photos of Kylie are gorgeous. Her eyes are mesmerizing!

Unknown said...

I can totally relate. So many times, Brad and I will be calling each other at the exact same moment. And it certainly does apply to your kids, even when they're grown (20 and 22!)

Anonymous said...

Yep! It happens here too! Kylie is more beautiful every day!

Shauna said...

My Mom and I ping.

And I think that Bug and I do it too.

SassyFemme said...

My mom and I did that all the time, and Fran and I also do it. Love the term "pinging", how perfect.