Thursday, August 09, 2007


I'm going to ramble for a bit.

Eating Fast
Kylie gets fussy when I eat. It doesn't matter where she's sitting or lying, how much attention I give her before or during the meal, she gets fussy.

So I end up eating a meal like I'm in a race.

That's why it's so nice when Karen and I get to go have a meal out together without the baby. I make it a point to eat nice and s-l-o-w. Hopefully this fussy-while-eating phase won't last long.

Neighbors and cries
Kylie was crying so hard last night that I guess it could be heard outside my home. Someone walked by and said "Oh my gosh, that poor thing" and said it loud enough for me to hear it in my home. It made me want to go outside and whomp them. Then I wanted to crawl under the house with embarrasment. I'm not sure which neighbor it was so now I bit nervous with the prospect of taking the baby for a walk. I'll be looking (with embarassment again) for some neighbor-woman who will be shaking her head at me.

Saving Gr+ce
Have you seen this new tv show? It stars Holly Hunter?

Holly Hunter is so tiny and cute that I just want to put her in my pocket. In the show, she is visited by an angel named Earl. In the last episode, Holly's character shoots and kills a deer (on purpose) with a handgun. And Angel Earl (who is chewing tobacco) says "Nice shot, Grace".

Now I grew up in the South and in the country. I've been around hunters enough to understand why they hunt. And I'm a meat eater who is grateful that I can buy my meat at a grocery store instead of having to hunt for it. So while I personally don't want to do it, I'm not really against hunting.

But I still jumped about a foot when I heard this character, AN ANGEL, while chewing TOBACCO, praise a person for shooting one of God's creatures for sport!

Oh, and later in the show, some environmentalists who are protesting oil distributors are made out to be the "bad guys" and one of the cops on the show says, "You can have my SUV keys when you pry them from my cold, dead hands."

Hmmm. It seems this show promoting (and not very subtly) tobacco use, guns, hunting, and gas guzzling. All with an angel.

Now....the questions is....will I continue to watch this show? Or another question is...did you watch this episode and pick up on any of this?

For those of you visiting here for pictures of Kylie, here one of her sitting in her Jumperoo for the first time. The seat is so big is swallowed her up. You've gotta love her chubby chin in the second picture.


SJayneI said...

Hi Wendy! She is such a cutie!! I wanted to be sure you saw my comment on your first post about her exersaucer. The stacked blocks have been recalled.

Anonymous said...

Yep I watch the show. The only thing that totally grosses me out is Earl's spitting. I consciously make the decision not to think about what certain shows may or may not be promoting because, in reality, we have no way of knowing what they were thinking when they created it. It could be they were just trying to create a stereotypical 'good ol boy' angel and went with the stereotypical description of one! I do kinda wanna smack Holly Hunter, though, for being so tiny and cute!

Kylie is, as usual, absolutely adorable!

Mo said...

As always she's adorable! I have never seen that show, but I love Holly Hunter. And please, ignore that neighbor comment and go out with your child with a big ole' smile on your face. I run myself into a big old mind trip worrying about what other people think, when all that really matters is doing the best that I can with what I know about my child. Every child fusses and cries and it's no reflection on you.

Stacey said...

She's adorable as always. :)

I wouldn't worry about other people's comments. Babies cry. It's what they do.

Anonymous said...

I think there are a lot of non-redeeming (is that a word?) qualities of that show. I like Holly Hunter and I like her acting, but I'm not real keen on the show yet. We've watched it twice so far, and I agree with you.

Unknown said...

Hi there! Per your request - I'm a semi-regular lurker delurking to say you shouldn't take the neighbour's comment as criticism. I know I've said something equivalent to 'poor thing' in response to hearing a baby cry, which was meant to empathize with the little one's momentary misery, and not as ANY sort of comment on the parent's abilities. Babies cry occasionally, and it doesn't imply any sort of lack in you as a mother. And your baby is obviously happy, healthy and adored!

Mermaidgrrrl said...

Seth was screaming so badly and for so long the other day that I plonked him in the pram to go to the supermarket so at least everyone else would suffer as well. The staff there know me and when I walked in one shouted "is he hungry or tired?" and I replied "neither - just delightful!" and the whole supermarket laughed sympathetically. I think everyone knows how babies can be feral at times! I'm a lot braver about just going out with him when he cries. If he's going to scream at home and make me crazy then he might as well scream in the pram while I'm out and have other distractions so I don't want to smash my head through a window ;-)

The TV thing - we don't have that show here, but I do notice that all of a sudden I'm a lot more sensitive about what's on the box and noticing all sorts of things I didn't notice before. I've decided to cancel our cable when the renewal comes up because I don't want Seth exposed to most of what's on there and if it's on I watch it when I should be doing more important stuff - like commenting on blogs!

Cagney said...

Your neighbours are just jealous cos Kylie's so cute!!