Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sleep and kisses

Sunday night was a sleepless night. Kylie, fully impressed with her new ability to roll from back to stomach, decided to roll over in her crib every few hours. Then she would get frustrated and cry out because she couldn't roll back and didn't want to be on her stomach anymore. So I would get up, go to her room and move her to her back.

She thought it was great fun. She kept giving me these smiles like, "Hi Mommy! Isn't it fun playing with me!" And I would pat her, try to smile, and stumble back to bed and then lay there and worry about SIDS.

Yesterday afternoon, I needed a Venti Iced Mocha just to keep on keeping on. Of course that made me jittery as a rabbit (forgot to make it a decaf) and gave me a huge sugar crash before dinner.

But I did have an incredible moment yesterday.

I was moving Kylie from her nursing position to my shoulder and she leaned over and gave me a large, gummy, slimy, open-mouthed kiss on my cheek.

Time stood still. We both froze for a few seconds. She just stayed there with her mouth plastered against my cheek. I could feel and hear her breathing so contentedly through her nose. We were both completely still. Then I pulled away just a bit and looked deeply in her eyes. She gave me a knowing smile and leaned forward again to nestle her head under my chin.

I know what you're thinking. It probably wasn't a kiss. She was probably just turning her head and opening her mouth to suck on her fingers and my face got in the way. You're thinking that she's too young to understand what a kiss is much less try to give one.

But I know what I felt in that perfect moment in time. My sweet baby Kylie gave me my first kiss.


Casey said...

Sounds like a baby kiss to me! Those are the moments that are worth their weight in solid gold.

Audra said...

what a cute first kiss! it gave me chills thinking how cute it is!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

bless! that's so lovely - i can't wait for that moment with the twinkle.

Shauna said...

That sounds divine. You'll never forget it.

Bug is not rolling over even though she did it a couple of weeks ago. Have you thought about putting Kylie to bed in a baby sleeping bag. Supposedly they make it more difficult to roll over (which is a great selling point!)which may give you some peace of mind at night.

Dee said...

I love that! How fun! A big open mouthed first kiss!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

The kiss...What an amazing and precious moment! Beware that once Kylie's teeth arrive, it will turn into a love "nip". :)

As far as controlling the rolling goes...before E. could roll freely back and forth, we took the velcro sides off of the sleep positioner and "attached" them to the sheet saver. It wasn't actually attaching, but the velcro against that material held. We found that instead of rolling though, he would scoot himself to the bottom of the crib. haha A sleep sac may help, but it also may frustrate her. Kylie is just practicing her new skill and unfortunately doesn't have any care for the time...grand, isn't it!


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww I so miss those big gummy wet kisses.
My baby is 14 "years" not months old...lol. She has on her wall a picture of herself giving me exactly one of those kind of kisses when she was a baby! She tells me its her favorite picture. Just brings a flood of memories. Thanks for sharing your firsts with us!
PS Just wait until she grabs your hair and pulls you towards her for one... awwww the memories.

Anonymous said...

She is definitely old enough to be giving those sloppy baby kisses! I absolutely love reading your joy with you girlie.

Holly said...

awwww! how wonderful! you first kiss of many!!

Andrew did the same thing with the rolling over while sleeping. We got up several times to flip him back over and tried to explain to him that if he didn't like it on his stomach, he needed to stop flipping over! I also worried about SIDS and would listen really hard for his breathing on the monitor before I could fall back to sleep. Lois thought I was neurotic!