Thursday, October 04, 2007

Celebrity sighting

On our return from our whirlwind trip to TN, we sat 4 rows behind Steve Zahn. I loved him in Sahara and loved his small part in You've Got Mail and also his guest appearance on Friends years ago where he played Phoebe's "gay" husband who ended up realizing he wasn't gay. He's a cutie.

I caught a glimpse of him when I was putting our bags in the overhead compartment but didn't know for sure until I made a trip to the lavatory and ogled him on the way back. It was pretty cool. I once saw James Earl Jones at a distance in the Dallas airport, but this was my first real up close celebrity sighting.

Of course I was too timid to speak to him. I didn't want to be one of "those" weird fans who bothers the famous person when they're trying to be incognito. So, when we landed I thought the moment was over. But then, I saw him waiting in baggage claim! So, I serupticiously pulled out my trusty iPhone and tried to snap a few photos of him without him knowing. Well, I succeeded in getting three shots (they're all crappy), and if you didn't know it was him, wouldn't know. But, I promise you it's really him. He even had "ZAHN" on his backpack (again, the photo is too fuzzy to make it out, but trust's there).

It was a fun way to end our trip. What I'd really love to know now is what he's doing in Portland?!?!?

- Karen

Okay, I have to add my two cents to this post. Don't let this casual blog post deceive you. Karen was totally ga-ga over Steve Zahn. She got all giggly and pink-cheeked and star-struck. She kept whispering "Steve Zahn" thoughout the entire flight home and she made SEVERAL trips to the bathroom just to walk by him. I'm not even going to comment that all of her serendipitous pictures were of his backside! You are too cute and star-struck Karen! Yep...we're going to have to watch Sahara and You've Got Mail AGAIN.



Audra said...

That is SO cool!!! I LOVE him- if you like scary movies, he is HILARIOUSly funny in Joy Ride. But it's a stereotypical teenage horror movie, but he made it fantastic.

Holly said...

You two are funny! That is very cool! I love Steve Zahn. He's also in Out of Sight and Reality Bites - two of my FAVORITE movies!

I get the star struck thing. We had Rob Thomas on our flight from SLC to NYC and all we could do was drool and chatter about him across the baggage claim, but we were all to gaga to say anything to him.

Keri said...

Funny post! I love that she got all shy and oogie about it!

Anonymous said...

Exciting! I think he's great in Reality Bites, and also in Riding in Cars with Boys. Go rent some dvds, make it a Steve Zahn marathon weekend! =)

Mo said...

I've never heard of Steve Zahn, but I can definitely relate to being star struck, only usually with me it's some track athlete or obscure musician that I'm gaga over. Hmmm, now that I think of it I may have taught someone related to him.

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

He was the best in Reality Bites (and was gay)!!

Love the paparazzi photos from the iPhone. :)