Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little Girl

We've only put Kylie in a dress a few times. Most of the time she wears a onesie with pants. But Sunday was an exception. We went to our parenting group and we dressed the little critter up for the day.

Kylie has some inflamation in her mouth again. This time she has a red spot on a molar. We really thought there was a possibility that she might cut the molar as her first tooth but this morning her mouth looks a little calmer.

She has developed a dislike for green beans and peas. She usually loves them but I think the teething is changing her tastes for foods. I wish I had the video camera by her high chair as we fed her the other night. Do you remember that scene with Tom Hanks in the movie "Big" where he eats some pate only to make a horrible face and scrape it off his tongue? That was the exact face Kylie made with her peas the other night. She coughed and held out her tongue as if to say, "Get it off my tongue!"

Speaking of food, how did you introduce finger foods to your baby? We put some very small pieces of peaches from a peach cup on Kylie's highchair tray the other night. She picked up a piece, put it in her mouth, and promptly spit it back out. Then she wouldn't touch them again. Should we keep trying finger foods this way or is there another suggestion? Any advice you have would be appreciated!

Kylie is now in the 6-10 month old group at Gymboree. We went to our first Level 2 class last week and she loved it. We are more active in this group and I have to say that I broke a bit of a sweat playing with her. Gymboree still reminds me of dog agility training for babies.

Lastly, she did beautifully with her two 6-month shots. We opted to give her a flu shot as well. She only cried for a few minutes and didn't have the major fussies like she did with her 4-month shots. Hurray!

Here are a few more pictures:


Merr said...

She is such a doll! We started with finger foods such as cheerios. Cam loved picking them up and sucking them. They have Gerber puffs now a days though that melt easy in their mouth. Babies have a hard time with fruit textures at first, but I would keep trying.

Unknown said...

So freakin' adorable!
Her smile is contagious!

Caba said...

She is so cute! We haven't started with the finger foods yet, I'm so nervous about them. But my Hailey has decided that she is against all foods green, and hates her peas and green beans. Cracks me up when she swallows and acts like I poured acid into her mouth. But boy they love the fruits, right?

Unknown said...

Finger foods is fun :) We started with things that were easy to grasp (eg toast fingers; steamed carrot sticks; bits of rice cake) that are also easy to suck. My boys were always more fussy about texture than taste so maybe if you start with something a bit firmer than fruit, and easier to handle Kylie would be more receptive. If you wanted to go the fruit road maybe try something firmer like rockmelon or something you can cut into easier to handle chunks like water melon.

Another thing we did was sit them on our laps when we were eating and they would take little bits and pieces off our plates and try them.

Stacey said...

I could've sworn I responded to this. :/

She is cute! Dresses are great for going out but for playing we always use pants. Much better.

I believe you really don't have to worry about finger foods at this point. I know here in Canada they recommend 9-10 months for finger foods.

I started with big chunks of fruit that Riley could hold and suck on. Now she can eat part of it. I also did toast which she sucks on until it becomes soggy. Cheerios are good when they start to do the chewing motion because the hole in the middle prevents them from really choking. But they need good finger coordination to pick them up.

Anonymous said...

Our son loved any type of fruit, so when we went to finger foods, we started with fruit. I would recommend champagne grapes - they are much smaller than regular grapes (they are about the size of a cheerio), so there is no choking worry, and you don't have to cut them in half. Also, if she is teething, Babies R Us has organic teething biscuits that she can hold in her hand.

Shannon said...

Hi, I just found your blog through another blog. Adorable little girl! When we started our son on finger foods, we started with Baby Mum-Mums, which are rice crackers for babies that dissolve almost instantly in their mouths. Then we tried something else (I think it was the Gerber puffs that Merr mentioned) but he wasn't ready yet and gagged. We left it for two or three weeks and then tried again. That time he was ready and he's been a superstar finger foods eater ever since. I've heard that toast is an excellent first food, as are Cheerios and peas (our son loves picking up peas and eating them. They're fairly easy to pick up and they're just the right size.) I'd recommend Baby Mum-Mums though just because they dissolve so quickly so you don't have to worry about choking (we gave him small pieces to start.)

We started by cutting whatever we gave him into very tiny pieces and gradually started giving him bigger pieces. We used to peel grapes and cut them into tiny pieces, but now we can cut them into about four pieces and he can eat them skins and all. We still peel everything else (apples, pears, peaches, plums, etc.)

We didn't start giving him pieces until he was about 8 months old (I'm not sure how old your daughter is.) Before that, we had one of those mesh things (made by "Sassy") that holds fruit. He could suck on the fruit and get the juice but no pieces. We loved that thing... he could have fresh fruit (watermelon, plums and peaches are great in it) and it kept him occupied for a while if we were out somewhere.