Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It's amazing how a normal baby photo shoot can turn into so much more.

Kylie was being adorable and smiling for the camera this morning.

Making her mommy very happy with her smiles.

When all of a sudden, she once again found her toes.

Any attempts to get her to look up and stop playing with toes were futile.

Her toes were incredibly fascinating and Kylie decided she simply must have them in her mouth.

Making her mommy laugh with her perseverance and bending abilities.

Strangely delicious!


So maybe that photo shoot didn't go as planned. What of it? You're happy. I'm happy.



Audra said...

cute little piggies!

SassyFemme said...

Love that "strangely delicious" face!

Soupy said...

YOu had me spitting out my water in laughter at this - this is Keif to a T!!! Love it! Your girl is such a beauty, she always makes my heart feel lighter when I see her!

Lynanne said...

My favorite is the one of her slurping on her toes. You did such a great job of capturing the little moments that we often discard in favor of the perfect photo. So cute!