Saturday, October 06, 2007


Did you know that skritch is not a real word? Even though it's on the cover of Kylie's favorite book, "Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy"?

Skritch is a combination of a scratch and a rub. And Kylie does this rub & scratch thing with her hands all the time. She feels the texture of everything around her--from her highchair table, to her crib, to our clothes and faces and her clothes and face, her toys, everything. She's constantly exploring the world through her hands by skritching.

Let's see... a few more new things. She likes to pat any words, pictures or patterns on our shirts. She can remove the puzzle pieces from her large-knob Melissa and Doug Puzzles. She's started reaching for her spoon as we feed her. And still babbling like crazy.

Here are a few new pictures. You can also see more new Kylie pictures on our Flickr site.


ajs4ever said...

WOW! She is so adorable!! I love those big curious eyes:)

Kerry Lynn said...

Yeah, those eyes are wonderful!

Madison does that skritch thing! I didn't know there was a word for it. And she totally grabs at images on our shirts. Just yesterday she started feeling her hair. It's so cute!

I haven't had time to post yet but a few days ago she started crawling!!! I was not expecting that so soon!