Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday afternoon, two of our good friends invited us to join them at a pumpkin patch. We really wanted to see them and we thought it would be nice to see some fall colors and get a picture of Kylie with some pumpkins.

Harmless, right?

Wrong! We had a horrible afternoon. What was so bad about it? Let me count the ways.

  • It turned out that hundreds of people wanted to go to the pumpkin patch so we were stuck in traffic for over two hours.

  • The pumpkin patch was a 1/2 mile walk from where we had to park which really wasn't a problem except for the people who were lugging back pumpkins in their arms. We were surrounded by grumpy, irritated folks who weren't quite sure why they thought it was a good idea to carry a heavy pumpkin for such a distance when they knew they could get one at their local grocery store and probably have someone load it into their car for them. Lots of angry people all around us.

  • Some poor soul actually died on the trail back from the pumpkin patch. We had to pass several EMT's trying to revive him and then had to navigate around a fire truck and ambulance who were waiting to take him away.

  • Most of the pumpkins in the patch were rotton and broken apart.

  • There were bees everywhere. Now, I love bees. Bees are good friends of mine. But I don't like them swarming around my infant.

  • We drove to the wrong patch--so we didn't get to spend time with our friends. To rub salt in the wound, the patch they went to was quite lovely.

    But we did take a few pictures while we were there. Karen & I have our "smile and make the best of it" smiles on. We felt particularly compelled to cover Kylie with kisses since she was such a good sport for it all.

    Got to love Kylie's hair blowing in the breeze on this one.

    When Kylie gets unhappy, she tries to suck on as many fingers as possible to soothe herself.

    And so we trudged back to our car (without a pumpkin) and sat in a long line of traffic to get home. I find it ironic that the car in front of us had a license plate with CRY in it.

    It wasn't the worse afternoon but it wasn't our best either. At least it didn't rain.

    Here are a few more pictures of smiley Kylie in her awesome tie-dyed shirt.


    SassyFemme said...

    It may have been a horrible day, but y'all sure put on happy faces for good pictures. Sorry it didn't work out the way you'd hoped.

    E. from Pot o' Gold said...

    I don't know which patch you went to but the same thing happened to me last year. I'm sure you went to the one with only one bridge to it right? I vowed never to go there again. I was pregnant last year and starving. I sat in the car and cried. I was all alone too because Maria was sick. I met some friends there, but it took me hours. Sorry...I can empathize.

    Cute tie dye pics!

    Kerry Lynn said...

    I can't believe all the things that happened. I can't believe someone died!!! That's just awful :-(

    I love you boty in your tie dye. Every time i see tie dye I think of you :-)

    Stacey said...

    oh wow, sounds really, really lousy. at least you have a good story to tell? cute pics.

    we're going to a pumpkin patch on saturday so hopefully we have a good experience. yours scared me!

    Angele said...

    Good God that is a horrible experience!!!!

    Hopefully next year will be much better!!!

    Like Stacey stated we are going this coming Saturday with lots of friends. Hopefully it's not the same scenario!!!

    Mo said...

    Oh wow, we were there on Sunday too, but we were lucky to be leaving by noon I think. It was a half-decent experience for us, but I had no idea someone died there later in the day. We heard from some people as we were leaving that they had been stuck in traffic for 4 hours the previous year! Crazy!