Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grabbing the spoon and other things

Tonight, after feeding Kylie some yummy spinach & cheese ravioli, peas and diced pears, I thought I would give her a few spoonfuls of prunes. Now, Kylie has reached for the spoon before. And I've let her play with it.

But she has never grabbed like she did tonight. Totally insistent with a shout to let me know that she was not to be denied. Did I mention the spoon was full of prunes????

Well, you know me....she grabs the spoon and I grab the camera. When I turn around, she gives me this wide-eyed look trying to gauge my reaction.

And when I started laughing, she joined in.

I don't think I've mentioned on the blog that Kylie prefers to eat with her right hand. Might be a sign of right-handedness? I'm left-handed and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I started noticing that she prefers her right hand after cleaning her eating smock these last few times. The right side is totally dirty while the left side of the smock is clean.
Of course, when you grab the spoon full of prunes, both hands get messy.

Kylie is pulling-up to stand everywhere. But she is having trouble getting back down. She prefers to sit down by grabbing onto my shirt and leaning back into my arms. I like it too because I get to hug and kiss her before she's away on some new task. Some times, Kylie just reaches for the carpet and plop...she's down. But most of the time she gets stuck standing up. Then she begins a torrent of sounds and expressions to ask me to help her down.
There is the excited, happy, "don't you want to hug me Mommy" look.

Then there is the gentle and sweet asking face.

And finally there is the glazed-eyed, "I'm so tired and my legs are getting wobbly" face.

All of them are irresistible.

Kylie has moved to Level 3 at Gymboree. At this level, she's in a class with 10-month to 16-month babies. She's loving being with the more active kids.

And finally, we said goodbye to our nanny today. The nanny we've had around once a week for the past 6 months is moving to another state. And I'm not looking forward to trying someone else. Our first nanny set a really high standard for anyone to follow.

Guess that's all for now. I hope you are having a good week.


R said...

i just love the pics of her. She is just so photogenic!!

Kerry Lynn said...

you little bugger, I don't think I knew you had a nanny!

Madison learned in a matter of 10 minutes how to get back down. She started out not so gracefully and would get herself back up and try again. Within 10 minutes she was very gently getting herself down. It was a fascinating process to witness. Jackson didn't do it the same way so we had a few days of screeching anytime he needed to get down. He learned fast enough though.

I'm still jealous of all that Kylie will eat. I tried to give them strawberries today. Madison did ok, but Jackson acted like it was covered in poop. How am I ever going to get these babies off baby food??

Stacey said...

Ah messes. Babies are messy. :) Cute pics. Eventually she'll get the hang of the butt drop to get down from standing up. :)