Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday 4/5

Karen just returned from the heart doctor where she got a clean bill of health. For those of you who don't remember, Karen had a heart attack last year at Christmas. But her heart doctor says she's doing really well and doesn't need to see her for another year. Big sigh of relief!

I meant to share this picture with you yesterday:

This is Kylie snort breathing. She's doing this thing where she breathes in hard with her nose and then pushes it out through her mouth. I think it's to feel the air pushing past her new upper teeth.

I love to hear all the different ways she breathes. My favorite is her little panting breaths as she crawls. I really need to get more videos of her crawling!

I'm really enjoying this children's music cd titled A World of Happiness. I downloaded it from Itunes. I love all the songs but my favorite is Samuel L. Jackson's "Knowa The Cat".

Finally, this is a scrapbook page that I worked on last night from my J. Sprauge class. This layout has a ton of details and my favorite is the watermark picture in the lower left corner. For a close-up and details, click here.


Soupy said...

Great page. LOVE the watermark - and I just put a hold on the CD from the library! YAY! new music - I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos - who snaps the pix?

Take a listen to the "Happy All Over" CD from Erock For Kids. Editor's pick on cdbaby.


Dee said...

LOVE the picture. Too cute. And the scrapbook page is amazing, as always. You are truly talented.