Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Purple girls

When I noticed that both Karen and Kylie were wearing purple, I just had to take some pictures. They were both good sports about it. Aren't they lovely? Look at those blue eyes!

I read about Buddy TV on Cool Mom Picks. Has anyone seen this? If so, what did you think of it?

And, has anyone added Web Call with Grand Central to their blog?

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Margaux@BuddyG.tv said...

Hi! Thanks for asking :)

Here are some quotes from kids and parents who have ordered and watched the 1st dvd:

"I just wanted to say that I am 8 years old and I loved your cartoon show. Thank you for doing a cartoon I can relate to because I have two moms too."

"Just wanted to compliment you on the video! It's awesome and we hope more are coming very soon. Our 3 year old sings along and wants it played over and over!! Keep them coming!" Holly and Amy

"Our son loved the DVD. We had to keep playing it over and over again for him. Its exciting to see something such as this get off the ground. I hope you offer many more in the future!" Tina

"Thank you for all you have put into this... it's Amazing! Our son is already begging for More "G"! When can we expect the next episode?"
Colleen, Amy & Dylan

"I will certainly be recommending the DVD to my lesbian mothers group and other friends! We look forward to hearing about more episodes that come out - it was great to be able to play something so positive and reflective of my boys life."

That Lesbian Mom Next Door Blog also has a great story regarding their little boy:


More "Buddy G" episodes are in the works, but we need your help - we hope that each of you will please buy the DVD Today and tell all of your friends about it. If we hear one uniform thing coming from parents and kids it's . . . more more more and of course to make more . . . we have to sell more of the first dvd.

The first dvd is $10 and can be purchased at www.BuddyG.tv


Warm regards,

Donna Colley


Jen said...

Love the purple! I think our daughters have the same outfit... Check out my Feb 2nd post. Kylie certainly is a blue-eyed beauty!

Lynanne said...

I'm still trying to figure out which color Kylie looks best in and I still can't decide! Her blue eyes are so sparkly and compliment any color. I love the photos! Look at how they even have the same beautiful curls!

I'm going to look into the DVD for my friends and their daughter, thanks for the information!