Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo Friday 2/21

This second picture is without a flash and what a big difference it makes! I MUST learn more about my camera so that I get this better quality without tons of sunlight.

I used the recent park pictures to document Kylie's 10 month milestones.

You can see the specs here. And a close-up of the left page and the right page.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Stacey said...

Great pictures. Sunlight is really the best way to get a good picture. :)

Kerry Lynn said...

I'm not sure of the exact settings on your camera but if you have an "aperture priority" mode put it on that. On my camera the abreviation is AV.
Next change the ISO to 1600.
Snap away!
let me know how it goes! or if you have any questions.

that scrapbook page is gorgeous. I just love all the brushes you're using and the combination of them in different colors. I really need to play with them more!