Monday, February 25, 2008

Little things

I had fun trying a few new things with Kylie this weekend. I realized that I had gotten into a "play rut" with her which means I would pull out the same toys at around the same time of day and interact with just those. Or we would be upstairs for so long and then know, just a normal routine but it had gotten too automatic and not as engaging. So I put on my creative hat, consulted a few play books and created some new activities.

When she crawled into the bathroom and stood up at the tub, I filled a cup with water and poured it out so that she could reach out her hand and feel the water fall.

I created a pillow obstacle course. I should have video recorded that one. I love to hear her quick breaths when she's exerting herself and is excited. Those baby breaths are just darling.

We had a ball drop activity where I encouraged her to pick up balls from a tupperware bowl and then drop them back in.

And lastly, we incorporated books more into our play time. I always read Kylie 1-3 stories before each nap. She snuggles into my arms, sucks her fingers and touches the pages as I read to her. But I realized that I don't want her to associate books with just naps. So I've started pulling some down onto the floor and reading her a page or two during her playtime.

Each activity only last a few minutes--15 at most-- but it felt really good to break out of my rut. And I think she'll benefit from me mixing it up.

However, I didn't take any new pictures of her this weekend. Sorry.

But here are two scrapbook pages I just finished. Oh, and speaking of scrapbooking---
Jessica Sprauge's beginner digital scrapbooking course enrollment begins today, Monday the 25th at 9pm Eastern. Several of you have let me know that you are interested in digital scrapbooking and I honestly believe that this class is the best start you could ask for. I think you've read enough raves about her classes from me. But if you have any questions, send me an email and I'll be happy to answer them. And let me know if you sign up!
For more info on this class, click here.

Have a good Monday everyone!

For a closer look or to see the specs, click here for wood floors or here for family.


Shauna said...

I have such a hard time reading to Chicka. She grabs and pulls and tears. There's just nothing relaxing and cozy about it. Mostly, I just put out board books so that she can pull and poke at her whim.

I hope that as she gets older the books will be something more than something to rip. :)

f said...

Oh man, we all get into ruts! Relationship ruts, eating ruts, work ruts, routine ruts, activity ruts... the cycle of routine that makes the rush of the day manageable ends up being just the process that prevents us from expanding in some way... kudos to you for trying to be actively breaking that throughout the day with little mini jolts! Maybe I should go the opposite way on my 5k trail walk today? How's that for a rut!! have a good week...