Wednesday, December 17, 2008

20 month update

Yeah, yes and yep- we’re hearing a lot of these words from you. You are really starting to comprehend what we are saying to you. You can intelligently answer our questions, usually with a yeah. You can ask for things you want like “sit” (when you want us to sit down) and “off” when you want to take off your socks and “big bubble”. You can even ask for things you want to eat- "Cheese please!” and “apples!”

Here are some other new words and phrases we’ve heard this month: shirt, pants, bra, socks, purse, brush, diaper, wet, dry, dirty, up high, here you go, big, bling on, boo-boo, crying, people, all gone, please, thank you, morning, I sit, push, toss, bounce, bus, truck, plane, barn, sunshine, sausage, noodle, zebra, penguin, teacher and Santa Claus.

You have some new, fun ways to play. You love to walk around with a bucket on your head. You like to tuck a stuffed animal under a bowl and then knock on the bowl. Then you lift the bowl, laugh and hug your animal. You love to have us shine flashlights against the wall. You like to dance in the light as we sing funny songs. You enjoy handing us hand puppets (always two) and watching the puppets talk to one another. You like to move dollhouse furniture out of the house and into various groupings on a nearby table or floor. This month at Gymobree you learned to bounce on the mats and do a log roll, walk in a circle for ring around the rosy and toss a ball.

You’ve started to enjoy some art projects. You like to rub paint on your hands and pat them on paper. You like to study all the different crayons in a box and all the pictures in a coloring book. You will lightly color using usually a yellow or orange crayon. You ask to play with play-doh at least once a day. And you like to put stickers (always two) on your hands.

Eat, Sleep and Wear
There are some days where I wonder how you manage to have so much energy on so little food. We really saw a decrease in your appetite this month, which caused your Mommy to worry all month long. Fruits and vegetables are still your favorite foods along with cheese and other dairy products. You still go to sleep every night at 6pm and nap for an hour around 10am. This month you started wearing 24 month or 2T shirts and 18 month pants.

Dearest Kylie, we are so proud of your accomplishments. We love you completely.


2momswithaplan said...

She's growing up so fast! Thanks for the update!

Kerry Lynn said...

I'm working on my update now and I came to check on yours because you always have something that I forgot to include in mine. Well, it's a good thing I did because I learned that I've been telling everyone that my kids are 22 months old! At first I thought you had Kylie's wrong but quickly realized that no, *I* was the bad mother that has lost track of their age.

Kylie is so beautiful!

Is she only taking one one hour nap during the day?

Wendy and Karen said...

Kerry, from what I read you are a fantastic mom--just probably sleep deprived and exhausted (aren't we al).

Yep, we are fortunate that Kylie goes to sleep at exactly 6pm every night. But usually her nap is only 1 hour --sometimes I get lucky and get an hour and a half. Just time enough to shower and make our lunch and then she's up and the fun begins again.