Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sugar fiends and the Christmas tree

You know what makes being housebound with a toddler for days on end tolerable? (You'd think it would be alcohol don't ya?) Nope, it's sugar. Lots and lots of sugar for the Mommies.

I'm proud to say that my stocked freezer and pantry have held out pretty well during these two weeks of snow storms. It wasn't essential that I walk to the grocery store today. We would have gotten by just fine without the trip.

But I was raring for an adventure so off I went!

I had the following on my list: milk, bread, bananas, soup, broth, carrots and onions (so I could make a roast on Christmas).

What also came home with me was: frozen biscuits, crescent rolls, toaster pastries, sausage, chocolate chip cookie dough, pop tarts, sugar and oats (so I could make our traditional chocolate drop cookies) and two Hershey bars.

Yep, I love sugar.

I didn't even mind that my pack weighed around 40 pounds. And I didn't mind that I also carried two canvas bags.

I gladly walked the mile to the store and the mile back. All for the love of sugar.

In addition to walking to the grocery store, I did something else I hadn't thought I would ever do. I put away Kylie's puzzles. She has around ten Melissa and Doug puzzles scattered throughout the house. I've noticed that she hasn't played with them for weeks. So to make room for the new Christmas presents, I stored all her puzzles in a bin. I'll probably get them back out in a month or two and they will seem brand new to her. I've heard of parent rotating toys. I just never thought we would have enough toys to do it.

Another surprise has been how wonderful Kylie has been with the Christmas tree. She loves it! She is so gentle with the ornaments. She touches all the ones she can reach several times a day. When we first put the tree up, I had very few ornaments within her reach. But as the weeks went by, I found myself moving the ornaments down so that she could enjoy them. Here are a few pictures of Kylie enjoying the tree.

My mom sent a few of my favorite childhood Christmas ornaments to me for Kylie to enjoy. This is one of my favorites--A Miss Piggy angel. Kylie likes it too.

She thinks the angels and fairies are so beautiful.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Michelle said...

Love Kylie's gorgeous blonde locks!

Beth said...

What a beautiful post.
Pictures are precious, as always.
Happy Holidays!!!

Stacey said...

mmm sugar. I like it too.

Cute pictures. Riley is also very good with the tree. I wasn't sure how that would work out either.

It is hard to be house bound with a toddler. Good job on keeping your cool. ;)

Kerry Lynn said...

She looks so sweet looking at the tree.
Madison LOVES my mother's tree with all the hand made ornaments. I got a cute one of her looking at it on Christmas (haven't had a chance to post any pictures yet).
We just got 4 melissa and doug puzzles for christmas. Maddie LOVES them. Jackson just likes to throw the pieces all around. One of the ones they got is the one with different trucks. I was absolutey amazed today when she put them all back in the right place with no help from me!
We have some serious cleaning out of old toys to do to make room for all the new stuff! I'm completely overwhelmed.