Sunday, December 07, 2008

A few random things

Here's a few random things about life with Kylie.

She already knows on and off and up and down. Now she's learning the difference between "wet" and "dry". Unfortunately, this is because we've had several leak-through-the-diaper moments precipitating a change from wet pants to dry ones.

Big bubbles:
She asked for a BIG bubble the other day at Gymboree. She really drew it out when she said it too. A bi-i-i-i-g bubble. Cracked the teacher up.

So far (knock on wood), I've been able to steer her clear of picking out her own clothes. But she does pick out her own dishes for her meals. She mostly wants the red plastic dinosaur dishes and this big, weird-shaped kids bowl.

Santa Claus
Karen taught Kylie to say Santa Claus. Too sweet!

She occasionally wants to have a doll on the table with her as she's eating. She'll offer a handful or spoonful of something and ask, "bite? big bite?" And when she pretend feeds her dolls, she says "yum, yum, yum" about ten times really fast. We can thank my Mom, Granna, for starting that with her.

Girlfriend has become obsessed with apples. She eats them several times a day. She plays with the plastic ones. She says it a hundred times a day. She's all about the apples.

(I love all the static in her hair and the sweet hidden smile in this picture.)

We bought Kylie three pairs of pants and five shirts back in November. I dearly wanted to hold off until Christmas until I gave them to her. But she's busting out of her shirts. And I don't know about you with your kids, but it annoys me to see the top or half of her diaper every time she bends over or reaches up. So I guess she is growing out of her pants too.

So I broke down and started dressing her in the new clothes. She's wearing 24 month shirts and 18 month pants now. And they fit her sooo much better. Has anyone else noticed that the toddler clothing stores are out of the muted jewel-toned colors of Fall and into these incredibly BRIGHT colors for winter. I mean they are scream-at-you bright. But Kylie looks pretty cute in them.

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Unknown said...

I think Kylie leaning over the hearth is one of the cutest pics you've ever posted of her! The look on her face is absolutely adorable!!

2momswithaplan said...

Thank you for the update! Kylie is getting so big!! I just love seeing those pictures of her, just like a little model!

Kerry Lynn said...

Holy fireplace photo batman!
That is absolutely stunning!

Jen said...

I LOVE the fireplace picture! And I see I'm not the only one. It's just gorgeous! And how cute is the coffee thing in your last post?

Lynanne said...

I love visiting your blog. Your photos and scrapbook pages always make me smile. Ditto on the fireplace photo - amazing! Love the matching stockings!