Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas tree pictures

Here's an aside to the Christmas tree pictures--
Yesterday, Kylie didn't want her nap. She went from babbling to crying to Really Crying. You know that cry that says that the baby isn't going to soothe herself to sleep and is in fact, completely distraught.
Anyway, by the time I got to her room, she was all red-faced and teary. She looked at me and with a hitched breath said, "Crying!"


She also said "Please" for the first time yesterday without any prompting. She was having trouble turning on her bouncing Tigger. She brought him to me and said "please" while doing the sign language sign.

After 60 shutter clicks, I have only these few photos to share with you. Shooting around a Christmas tree is hard!!

Here's a self-portrait of me in the Christmas ornament scrambling around trying to get some good shots.


2momswithaplan said...
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2momswithaplan said...

I accidently deleted my last post so I will repost!

The tree pictures are great! That story about Kylie not wanting to take her nap was absolutely pitiful and adorable in the same!

Stacey said...

cute pictures.

isn't it so sad when they tell you why they're upset or that they've been crying? their little voices are just too cute.

Mommy J's Wild Ride said...

LOVE the pictures! :) Karen, I was wondering if you wouldnt mind emailing me and letting me know the name of the instructor and/or the class you came to the Bay area to take on photography? Jen's addicted to your blog, giving me daily updates on the pictures, lol. Anyway, I bought her a new Nikon and would love to surprise her by sending her to the next class wherever it might be. Any info you have time to send my way would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks as always for the awesome blog :) Michelle (martkee89@yahoo.com)

Beth said...

GORGEOUS photos. You are so talented!!!

My son, who's about the same age as Kylie, also says the cutest things. I love this age!

Lynanne said...

More photo awesomeness. How do you do it?

I know there is a better (and more professional!) way to photograph a lighted tree and foreground subject but I cheat by bracketing and using layer masks (in photoshop, of course). Is that cheating? Or just lazy?

ajs4ever said...

Beautiful tree! I love the one where she is kissing the Santa ornament- how precious!