Monday, October 05, 2009

What Kylie is reading- Week of September 28

Kylie has fallen in love with the "new" books that she gets from our weekly trips to the library. She likes to play on the two book statues that are in the front of the building (one of them is pictured here). After she's played a bit, we run in to pick up the books I have on hold for her. I prefer to put books on hold and pick them up rather than try to browse much in the library. Browsing with Kylie ends up with me trying to re-shelve books as fast as she can pull them out. She gets so excited and wiggly that she can't simply settle in and look at a book so that I can browse. So we run in, pick up our holds, have a quick drink from the water fountain (Kylie loves that they have a smaller fountain that I can hold her up to) and run back out. It's a happy little trip for us.

In researching some books to reserve from the library, I stumbled across the blog Learning with Mouse. which has lots of library book ideas.

I also liked the idea of sharing the books that have captured Kylie's attention (and I get to use this cool amazon widget thingy). Hold down the widget arrow to make the books move. So here we go--what Kylie has been reading!

Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann.
This was the best pick of the week. It's a story about a girl who eats pink cupcakes and turns pink. We've probably read it over ten times. We also checked out two similar stories by the same authors: Goldilicious which is about an imaginary unicorn and Purplicious which I really didn't care for because the start of it is about girls teasing pinkalicious about her love for pink. Neither of the other two books made it through a single reading with Kylie. She just slid off my lap to do something else. But Pinkalicious was a huge success and is now on our wish list.

At the Seaside by Jenny Millington. It's part of the Little Puppy Adventure series.
This book was given to us by Karen's mom. It's probably been read by all four of Kylie's cousins and has seen a bit of warping and wear. There are 2-3 sentences per page and it's all about puppies playing at the beach. There is a part where one of the dogs tastes the sea water and calls it horrible. Later that night, Kylie tasted some bathwater and "Ugh. It's horrible" just like the line in the book. She's wanted it read to her twice a day for two days. Unfortunately, this particular book isn't available from Amazon but perhaps your local library will have it.

Franklin's New Friend by Paulette Bourgeois
We have a smaller book about Franklin and the different seasons that was given to us by Karen's mom. When Kylie saw the New Friend book, she ran to her room to get her other Franklin book. She enjoyed holding them both and comparing them. Franklin's New Friend is a bit wordy; 4-5 sentences per page. But it held Kylie's attention for several readings. It's about a moose who moves into the neighborhood and how Franklin, the turtle, becomes his new buddy at school. I love the charming illustrations in this book.

Lemons are not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
This book is pretty simple with cutouts that allow the picture to change from one color to the next. The text reads like, "Lemons are not red; lemons are yellow". Kylie wanted it read to her three times in a row and then she wanted to play with her crayons to show me that she knows the names of the colors.

Looking Down by Steve Jenkins
Kylie loves things related to space. She frequently talks about the Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Saturn and Space. This book has no words just pictures. The perspective looks down from Space, to the Earth, to the continents, to a state, a community, a neighborhood, a house and finally a boy with a microscope looking at a ladybug.

Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney
This is a similar book as the one above. It shows a girl drawing a map of her room, looking at a map of her city and state and the world and then back down to her neighborhood and home. This book is a bit beyond Kylie right now but I can see checking it out again in the future. It is very well done with lovely illustrations.

Some other library books that we looked at but that didn't hold Kylie's interest were:
Me and the Measure of Things by Joan Sweeney. Very neat book for an older child.
Hottest, coldest, highest, deepest by Steve Jenkins. Reads like an early science book. I loved it but it was way over Kylie's head.
Red Light, Green Light by Anastasia Suen. A boy's imaginary road system. Kylie is just not into cars at the moment.
McDuff Saves the Day by Rosemary Wells- Kylie enjoys the McDuff Moves In book that she has at home but she and I both thought this other book was boring.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed Kylie's book review.


Unknown said...

Have you good looked at the Don and Audry Wood books yet? They're a husband and wife writing/illustrating team. The pictures are absolutely to die for and the stories are cute and fun. Not sure if it's quite the right level for Kylie, But worth looking at. My favorites are The Napping House and King Bidgood's in the Bathtub.

Soupy said...

Love the widget thingie COOL! :)

Yes, I agree that King Bidgood is AMAZING_ one of my faves- they did "Silly Sally" :)

Have you read "Giraffe's Can't Dance?" another Keifer hit in our house and a great message, too

We LOVE the library, too...ours have little shopping carts that K loves to fill with books and then walk around with. She loves to help me check them out, too :)
I LOVe that our girls love to read like us!

Soupy said...

I have to thank you again- you have inspired me to explore some new books at the library - I've putting some on hold.
As an ECSE teacher, I have over 600 books , however, I always am searching for a 'sure fire ' hit for my own girl :)

I'm going to try:
Eileen Spinelli books:
Rise the Moon
I know it's Autumn
While you are away
The Perfect Thanksgiving

Have you read any?

Also going to try a few others and let you know what I think! THANK YOU for your thoughts! I'm going to put "Pinklicious" on hold! :) I've avoided for fear of being too "mainstream" if that is the right word? Too"Hannah Montana'ish?"