Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just a few things I've noticed

As I'm writing this, Kylie is singing herself to sleep at naptime. Right before naptime, I was reading her two stories as is the norm. I had a huge coughing fit and had to step outside her room to get some water. When I came back she said, "Mommy, you need some protein." It's this type of out-of-the-blue comments that cracks me up about toddlers.

Lately, I've noticed how considerate Kylie is. We were at music class this morning and the teacher handed out ribbon wands. Kylie got hers and asked me if I wanted one. I told her I was fine and the wands were just for the kids. Well that wasn't good enough for her. She walked to the teacher and said, "I want one for Mommy". The teacher explained that they were for the children. And Kylie replied, "It's important to share" with a tone of reproach as if she were saying, "You should have enough for the Mommies too."

This same consideration goes for stickers (among other things). We've been making really great progress on potty training. At night, when Kylie gets stickers for a good job, she immediately shares them with us. She likes seeing Karen and I with the stickers more than she likes wearing them herself. She really loves her stickers but she loves sharing them with us more.

Lastly, I've noticed how well Kylie is handling small objects. She's not tempted to put things small things in her mouth. She wanted some Little Pet Shop animals that she saw at Target and those toys are really small. I got them for her but have watched her like a hawk with them--ready to pounce if I saw her hands go anywhere near her mouth. But she just doesn't seem inclined to do that anymore. Same goes for her Hi-Ho Cherry O's and other small objects. I still watch her very closely but it seems like that everything-in-the-mouth, baby stage may be past us now.

Here's a few recent pictures:

And a video of Kylie singing "Row Your Boat" and "Twinkle, twinkle". A little hard to make out because her mouth is pretty full of Dibbs Ice Cream but we figured our family would like to see it.

And a video of Kylie saying her night-time prayer. You would have to know what she's saying to understand her but I knew Karen's Mom would like to see it nonetheless.


Unknown said...

The picture with the dog is absolutely breathtaking. Enter it in a contest!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Kylie is so beautiful. You have captured amazing moments, always. I agree...the dog picture should be entered into a contest. It looks like something out of a magazine.

Btw, I understood every single word of Kylie's prayer. That is the EXACT same prayer that Ethan says, word for word every night. How funny! :) Oh, just a topic of interest, E is being baptized in the Catholic Church on Dec. 6th. J hasn't said a word. Hmmm

Great videos. I need to take more of them myself. I will have to find out from you how to embed them. I wasn't able to the last time.

Dee said...

Curious to know what actions in photoshop you used on the dog photo? It is amazing. I read your email and am beginning to figure some things out although I am still struggling with Aperture and getting good shots with that. Using a Tamron Lense 17-50 f2.8

Beth said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous shots -- as always.

Kylie is SUCH a sweetheart. Adam loves to share with us but is having some difficulty sharing with his friends these days. Just a warning before our next playdate. =) Speaking of which, are you free for one on Thursday, 10/29? If so, email me. =)

Soupy said...

LOVE this post. Love it. I wish I had more time to write more, but just know she is darling and I LOVE your book choices! :) SO much fun!