Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sun comes up, clouds come up

While Kylie and I were eating breakfast yesterday morning, Kylie was humming to herself and looking out the window. And then she made up a little song about the morning. She sang this song to the tune of "Wheels on the Bus" and her lyrics were:

The sun comes up and the clouds come up.
The sun comes up and the clouds come up.
The sun comes up and the clouds come up
and the dark goes down.

Precious! Just one of those quick moments when I marvel at her innocence and her sense of wonder and creativity.

We've been making great progress with her potty training. We're down to two diapers a day--one for naptime and one for bedtime. The rest of the time, Kylie is in underpants. For the past few weeks, it's been more a matter of training me than her.

As you know, we have a class or time at the park every morning. As I'm getting Kylie dressed, I have a moment of tension where I'm afraid she'll have an accident in public. This probably would not affect her but would embarrass me. So this tense/nervous part of me wants to put her in a diaper. But I give myself a little speech to the tune of "We have spare pants in the car. It's not the end of the world if she has an accident. So get a grip Wendy. Wearing underpants is the best thing for her right now. Get a grip and chill out".

The "chill out" part of my little mental speech doesn't always work; but I'm trying.

Anyway, Kylie is doing great with it. I'm not pushing the sleep-time diaper yet. Instead I'm just letting us all settle in to good potty training during the day. But I have a glimmering glimpse of a future when diaper pictures like this will be a thing of the past.


CJ said...

It always amazes me how limitless their creativity is! It's been hard for me, as a parent, not to inhibit it in any way...This is when they need to try so many different things and I tend to like them to "stick to" one or the other.

Gia said...

I totally understand the fear of embarrassment that comes with wearing undies in public. I potty trained my little one the day she turned on and she was fully trained at 15 months. we did have one accident that did traumatize me (she peed in target :(((( I cleaned up;) and for a week after that, i did not want her to wear undies,, finally my mom assured me people understand she is little and its not the end of the world! good luck with your daughters progress!

by the way,,,,,, she IS SOOOOOO adorable!


Laurie said...

Go Kylie! It sounds like she is doing wonderfully with potty training. That first picture is amazing... one of my favorites!

Stacey said...

cute as always. i dread going out of the house without a pull-up not because of embarrassment but just inconvenience with the baby. ugh the next step. i hate potty training. but seriously don't be afraid of accidents out in public. everyone's been there.